Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Relaxing Sunday Sewing........

Ok......I've have been stitching a little over the last 2 weeks.

Diamond hexie no. 69......if my counting is correct.
I did this Friday week ago waiting at the doctors as I had my second breath test done.

Friday just gone , waiting again......I got these 2 blocks basted.....

.....and this much sewn.

Today while FaceTiming with Kylie I finished sewing up this cute little triangle zipper pouch.
I was testing out the pattern.......I made it with scraps leftover from making Mum's cushions.

It fits in the palm of my hand....It's not very big.

Here is my IG mini swap .......

I've just the quilting and binding to do.
I hope my partner likes it.....

And Mum is making this.......

Well I'm off to watch the second innings of the Cricket World Cup final.....Australia v's New Zealand.

Go Australia.....!!!!!!!

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Where Has The Time Gone.......

......Christmas has just been and now it is nearly Easter !

You all have probably thought that I have disappeared...but I am still here.

I have been using Instagram to post photo's of stuff I'm doing......which is very fast to do.

But I will be doing a weekly blog post.

So here is what I have been up to.

Darwin has been doing some of this......and it is really spectacular !

I started this........Simply Woven quilt........

....which has turned into this.
I've 24 more to make.....and I now have no more 2 1/2" strips left....yep, they are all gone !!

This is Diamond Hexie no. 68........
Just 31 to !!

The Asterisk blocks are slowly growing......

I sent mum this pattern for her birthday.....and she got busy !!
Her beautiful blue Swoon now has a border but I've yet to see it.

Zachary wanted to go to Crocodylus Park , so we indulged.
Here he is with a Black Headed Python.......

And me with a baby Crocodile....they feel so smooth...which I wasn't expecting !

I'm stitching a mini quilt for the swap I have joined on Instagram at the sneak peaks as it's a secret swap....and you just never know who's reading this !!
But as soon as it's at it's new owners I'll post a photo.

That about catches up with my sewing........

On the me front , I've spent quite a bit of time at the doctors.
I have had digestive issues for over 20 years and I bit the bullet and wanted to know exactly what upsets me.
So at the moment I'm having breath tests to find out.
I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy and they were all clear.
The specialist says I have IBS so it is now just a waiting game for all the results and then on to the dietician.
Ive also had day surgery......The procedure is called Novasure ( you can google it if you wish )
And I'd never had an anaesthetic before and it knocked me about.
At least I was only sick on the ride home from hospital......the pain pills kept me sleepy for days.
That was 4 weeks ago and 10 days after the procedure I was back to normal.

So now that I've worked out my new laptop I'll post more often......

Until Next Time.

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