Monday, 30 September 2013


Most if today was spent at the doctors waiting. 
And then in with the doctor. 
Granny and Jacob both had appointments and Zachary had blood tests. 
They are for research purposes to go with the brain tissue they still have.....we are more than willing to let them use it. 
Anything to help with epilepsy research. 

This afternoon we went into Darwin and went to the fish market and to the bank for Jacob. 
The bike shop was closed Mondays so we will have to take Zachary tomorrow.  

Tonight I have been adding cream hexies and have started to add a diamond to my top. 
I have another ready to add too with all the cream around it. 

DH and I have watched some movies in between today's activities too. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Shopping.......

After a bit of a sleep-in DH and I took Jacob to work (he started at 10) and then we went to Harvey Norman to get a new laptop. 
Mine is making a very strange crackling noise and is behaving very badly too. 
So we updated........

Then we went to Tackleworld.......DH wanted some more lures and they had a sale on. 

I stitched the strap onto the hexie handbag........and have been stitching cream hexies tonight. 
So nothing exciting today to show. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Grand Final Day......

I finished the hexie handbag today......but it is missing an important part that I forgot. 
I'm losing my marbles.....!!

It looks ok but the stiffening inside to shape it is not there. 
I just wasn't thinking today......

The side........

Today was the footy we had to watch it. 
The team we would have liked to win , didnt. 

Tonight I have stitched a few hexies for my diamond quilt......just the joining ones so nothing pretty to show. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 27 September 2013


Today was for fun....sewing.....talking and friendship. 
Kylie has just moved into her new house and now has lots if she invited Simone , Ange and mum for a sewing day. 

I was there too......

.......see , I'm in the computer !!

Kylie surprised everyone by FaceTime with me. 
This is what I could see on my end. 

Simone in the middle and Ange. 

They had Birthday cake for Simone.....

Ange finished this crocheted jacket for her granddaughter who will arrive in December. 

I made this and finished quilting my hexies for the handbag. 

Mum was doing these......

........her Dresden plates. 
And Kylie was stitching her hexie diamonds......

And Simone was stitching this.....

It was a great day.......and we had a ball. 
It may become a monthly thing.....

Until Next Time. 

September 26th Post.......

For some reason I went to bed and forgot to blog last night. 


I was reading and it completely flew out my head. 
We had a late tea and I was talking to Kylie and then it was late and I had to ring my brother for his birthday. 

My little brother had a birthday yesterday........
Happy Birthday Tim.....!!

I didn't get any sewing done either. 

DH and I did more jobs down the street and went to the supermarket too. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Halfway There...........

We had some jobs to do today and got them done before lunch. 

Then I finished gluing and crimping all the purses I have made. 
I have a puff purse cut out to sew and a handbag too. 

I've only a half to quilt of the hexie handbag......

It might be hard to see but one side is done.....I will try to get the other half done tomorrow. 
I really want to see this one finished. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I've done some gluing today......not very interesting. 

DH 's sister came for a visit this afternoon as she is up here in Darwin for work. 
It was nice to see her and we will see her next month as well. 

Tonight I have been hand quilting.......

The second side is done. 

And I've started the hexies......the quilting is a bit hard to see.....I've done one whole row.  

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Brownlow And Birthdays.........

First up ........Happy Birthday to you Simone.......don't worry I will catch up to you next year..... Lol. 

Now I can reveal the birthday purse....

Scraps of 'Bonnie and Camille' and hand quilted. 

A close up. 
Simone loved it.....I'm so glad !

Today I have finished these......



I've started another handbag........remember this.....

Well it's soon to become a handbag. 
I've sewn strips for the sides and have started hand quilting. 

One side to go and then to quilt the hexies. 

I'm not sure if I want to sell this one....!!

Tonight is Brownlow night. 
AFL football's best and fairest medal count. 
And I'm glad to say that Gary Ablett won. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Slow Sunday.......

I got to sleep-in.......!!

DH was jigsaw-ing when I got up so I joined in and by late afternoon we got it finished......

Oops.....I clicked on the wrong photo. 
And I don't know how to delete them on the phone blogger. 

Here is the finished puzzle. 

I lashed out and scrambled 1 egg for DH for breakfast.....much better than orange jelly. 

I have nearly finished......

I will sew it on tomorrow and sew up the other purse too. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday EPP

I was up early to take Jacob to work.....
I won't be getting 2 sleep-in days anymore. 

I have cut out and interfaced 2 more puff purses......1 is nearly finished. 

DH and I have been doing our jigsaw.....we are getting through it nicely. 

Tonight is EPP night with the girls......Simone and Kylie and I sew and text for a few hours Saturday nights. 

I have been doing this.....

.........adding the cream to my diamond hexies so I can add it to my top. 
I must really keep at these or it will never be finished. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

He's Home.......

This morning before I took Zachary to school I attached half the frame of the puff purse. 

And finished it before I went shopping. 

I really like these purses.....

I held of going to visit DH because the doctor hinted at letting DH come home when he did his morning rounds. 
We waited.......
So finally after I had tea I went to visit. 
The doctor was with DH when I got there and he said he could go. 
DH was happy to leave.......he was quite sick of orange jelly !
They actually gave him some grilled fish and mash for lunch and tea......he was ever so happy. 

Zachary is staying at a friends tonight and Jacob has work tomorrow so I had better get some sleep because I'm his taxi......!

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Domestic Day......

I've done the housework today.

I've also glued frames on purses and made another puff purse. 

I just need to sew on the frame. 

They all have their frames......

DH is still sore and tired but much better than yesterday. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Alls Well........

My darling DH is a bit sore and sorry for himself tonight. 
But all went he now has to take it slow for a couple of weeks. 
He has to stay in hospital for a few days....

And my darling firstborn had a great day at work. 
I will let him sleep-in in the morning for making me very proud and doing well. 

In between dropping off and picking up and visiting I finished off the 5 purses.........

Just have to finish gluing and crimping. 

My brother popped in too for a few hours which was nice as we haven't seen him for a month. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Today was a mixed bag. 
The chiropractor first up......
Then some sewing of purses........
Then to the doctors with Zachary......
Some food shopping.......
Then some cookie baking.......

Then some of this......while watching a movie with DH when he got home from work. 

Another diamond hexie basted. 

And as DH will be eating mush until he can manage to swallow solid and lumpy food it was his choice for we had pizza takeaway. 

Well it's bedtime as DH has to be at the hospital at 0700 and I'm the taxi service. 
I have to drop him off and rush home to pick up Jacob and take him to work......
So I will have a busy morning. 

I will get the 5 purses finished that are half done.....I hope !!

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Some Stitching......

DH had appointments early this morning at the hospital. 
He had to see the booking in people for his operation on Wednesday. 

Jacob started working today. 
He has got a job at ToyWorld. 
He enjoyed himself for his first shift and his next is on Wednesday. 

DH and I have started a jigsaw and we had a couple hours of finding pieces. 

I've been gluing frames on purses too. 

I have basted another diamond hexie.....

........while watching tv tonight. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013


........are all sunburned. 

We headed out to Berry Springs for a swim and then after that we drove out to the park and went swimming at Florence Falls. 
What a very fun family day. 
The water was beautiful........

No sewing today......

We have watched movies tonight. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

I Missed Out.......

.......on Saturday EPP night with the girls.
I will just have to wait until next week. 
DH and I went to his step brothers to watch the football. 
Carlton it's the end for them until next year. 

After lunch DH and I took granny into Darwin to see the Darwin quilt exhibition. 
It wasn't very big....but there were some very nice quilts. 
I didn't take photos as I wasn't sure if I was allowed. 

It was held in a gallery on the wharf.....

I did get in some sewing ....even if it was only sewing closed the linings on some purses. 
Then I glued some frames. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

A Good Day......

Jacob and I had a bit of a mother/son day. 
We dropped of the car to have the tyre fixed and then went to the very big dollar store and had a good look around. 
The we had a lunch date......
After we picked up the car( the tyre couldn't be fixed so the car now has a new one) we went to ToyWorld for a look around.....he may be 16 but they are still little boys and like the toy shop. 

On the sewing front I have attached the frame to the puff purse......

And the pretty pink lining.......

Tonight Kylie and I had a great time Skype-ing...... I was hand quilting my next purse and have now finished both sides. 
Kylie was machine sewing. 
It was great to actually see her and talk. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

More Stitching.......

I've been at the machine today.....
Still stitching scraps.

And hand quilting them......

The latest handbag......

And the pretty lining. 

I've also made a different purse today. 

It's not finished....I still have to sew it to the frame. 
But that will have to be done in the daylight. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Stitching Day.......

A few finishes today......
A handbag minus it's frame......
Some gluing on of frames and crimping.........some ironing and cutting of scraps.     
And some sewing of said scraps......
I may have photos tomorrow. 
We will see......
And the latest Homespun magazine was in the mail box ......... there are some very interesting cross stitch pictures in there too. 
The things people have cross stitched on is quite amazing.......worth a look  !

Until Next Time. 

It's Made.......

My secret present is all made and will be on its way tomorrow......
As stuff takes forever to get anywhere from here I had better send it soon. 

We just pottered today.......not much on. 

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

No. 65

I have counted all my diamond hexies and with the one I have just finished makes I have 34 left to make. 

I've still got a long way to go before this will ever be finished......

Today I have been purse and handbag making......I'm still ironing interfacing and tracing and cutting out too. 

I also started making a purse for someone's up coming birthday. 
But you will all have to wait for a photo until the birthday girl gets her present. 

DH is putting in a double shift today......people are always sick and they are very short staffed. 

 These came today.......

And this layer cake ........ to add to all the other Minick and Simpson ranges I have for my apple core quilt. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Win........

I finished the handbag this morning.....

It's not the best photo....sorry. 

It's a bit hard to take photos one handed. 

I think I managed to catch up on all the washing too. 

This afternoon we watched the football......Carlton won and have gone into the next round if finals. 
I don't think they have a chance next week ....... but we can live in hope. 

While I watched I basted the last 16 hexies and started stitching. 

I have gotten this far......
I kind of like the way it looks like a big hexie is in the middle of this block. 

I made sausage roll for tea......just ordinary ones tonight.....not the curried ones. 

After tea we watched 'The Avengers' 
It was good and quite funny in places. 

I will end with granny holding all the handbags.......

They have varied length straps.....I was limited with what fabric I had.....the strap is supposed to be short.....but I like the longer ones. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Night Hexie Stitching.......

I did wake up before I had to let DH in (he forgot the front door key) so I told him to text when he got home. 
He went to sleep and so did I..........and I couldn't believe what time I woke up !!
It was 9.40......oops. 
I guess I needed the sleep. 

I got the handbag to this stage.....

The strap is made and I only have to top stitch and attach the frame. 


I was waiting on the I finished this one today and I have been thinking that more hardware (studs ) might be better than stitching them. 
What do you think ?

Saturday nights now are set aside for Kylie and Simone and I stitch and text and send photos to each other. 
It's a wonder any stitching gets done.....
Tonight I only basted.....but it's still stitching. 

I got a side block and .......

........a middle for another diamond block. 
I will have to count my blocks and see what number I'm up to.......I haven't made one for so long. 

I also stitched up a skirt for was one she had already cut out. 

We also went down to Zachary's school and voted. 
Not sure who won.....but I guess I will find out tomorrow. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Busy Day.......

Today has been mostly taken up with appointments and running around.

I will not bore you with them all......but one was doing our tax.

I had a lovely delivery from the postman.......

A flat jelly become a jelly roll race quilt.
The leftovers will become a purse........

Just love the pink and browns and touch of green reproductions.........
I will be making a few diamond hexagons with these and the rest will go into my other big EPP project that I won't be starting for quite a while.
The greens will go into the reproduction stash and the pinks , browns and creams will go into the tub with all the rest to one day make a baby blocks / tumbling blocks quilt.

These 2 fat quarter packs will be cut into some 2 1/2" squares and some 5" squares for a couple projects.
The rest will go into the stash and I think a couple diamond hexagons might get made with it too.

I had another delivery too........I now have my swivel clips to make lanyards and the handles for the handbags.
So I now have no excuse........
One parcel didn't turn up so I hope it is here on Monday.

I should be finishing up the handbag from yesterday but I can't be bothered.......
Granny and I are watching the footy........not that we go for either of the teams......but we hope Sydney Swans win.

DH is on days off but he has gone in to do an overtime he will spend half of tomorrow sleeping.

Tomorrow is voting day......I will say no more on that subject.

Until Next Time.
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