Friday, 30 September 2011

Show Day

 Today started out quite nice.
Then it turned ugly.
I did take these photo's this morning, but after all the rain we have had since I'm not to sure that they will look the same tomorrow.
The rose above is Double Delight.

 Just Joey.
 This one I can't remember.
Yellow roses are my favorite.

 I got a second place for this quilt in our local show.
I made it at work as a sample for the kits we had.
It is Kaye Englands  ( English Pathways ).
And I have the kit at home to make for myself one day.

 This is another I entered  ( American Beauty ) It also was a shop sample and a BOM.
Mum has this at home to make one day.
Not me, I think making it once was enough.

 Mum's Rail Fence quilt.

 And Mums Irish Chain.

 And a Bargello that Mum and I made years ago that has only been quilted.

 And Mums Scrappy Quilt.
It is from a Miss Rosies book.
They are the 6 quilts that we entered in the local show.

 And some of the fire works .

We weren't to sure if they were going to go ahead because of all the rain.
But it did stop.
But not until we were very wet.
And very cold.

No sewing today.

Because we left to go to the show early in the afternoon we didn't pick up the eggs.
So that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


 As promised Hexagon no. 41.
It is a very pale block but variety is the spice of live they say.

The start of no.42.

The weather today was heavy showers , hail and  cold wind.
I hope the weather tomorrow is better because it is the Swan Hill Show weekend.
DH and I will take the boys tomorrow afternoon and stay until the fireworks.
I have entered 2 quilts that I made for the shop and another will be for display only.

Mum has entered 4 quilts.

Today is Blue Ribbon day.
DH participated in a ceremony that was held in Swan Hill today.
He looked very handsome in his ceremonial suit as well.
Truth be told,  I think it fitted better today than when he graduated.

The girls layed 16 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

No. 41

What a day !

I think everyone around was awoken by the very loud clap of thunder this morning.
Then rain.
Then more thunder.

Not a lot could be done outside.
So we had an inside day.

I read a bit.
And did some hexagon sewing.
Hexagon no.41 is finished. I will post picture tomorrow. I hope.

Then just as I was going to start tea the power went off.
So DH had to cook it on the BBQ.
After tea, as we couldn't do anything with no power ( Jacob was quite put out ) he suggested some board games.
So we played boggle then scrabble.
And had fun.

Thr girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Spring Clean Up

 Zeus and Ginger relaxing.

 Cool shades......

 The Elephant Gardens extension.

 Now all I have to do is plant it up.

 And from a different angle.
There will be garden on the other side of the path as well.


Apple Blossom.

Today Mum came over and put a colour through my hair.
And I did Mum's hair as well.

Boy was it hot today!

DH did a bit of cleaning up. The trailer is loaded ready to go to the dump.
He cleaned out the lean-to shed so he can build racks to hold steel and battens that we have. Then all the bigger things like the lawn mower, wheelbarrow, cement mixer and digger can fit as well.

No sewing today.

The girls layed 17 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Brownlow Night

Look what was in my mail box today.
Month 3 of the BOM I am doing.
I still haven't finished month 1.

This morning we all went to town.
The boys and Grandma  had their hair cut and we did some grocery shopping.

No sewing today.

Today is my little Brothers Birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Timothy. He is 18 months younger than me and will be having a big birthday next year. ( 40 )

This will be the path into our other entertaining area.
And as you can see there is still some concrete to smash.
Zac had a bit of a go, but only lasted 10 minutes.
We have also extended the elephant garden to the edge of the new path.
Photo's tomorrow.

DH and I are watching the Brownlow .

The girls layed 14 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Busy Day

 Our dog Zeus.
He actually sat still and let me take a picture.

 Orange Blossom.

 Bees doing what bees do best.

 The  Sultana's are shooting.

 Strawberries everywhere.

 Walnut flowers everywhere as well.
They look very strange.

 Something else in the works.

This old concrete bit that used to be a dog yard has to go.
I'm glad DH has muscles.

Most of it is up.

From an other angle.
We will be building our Cob Oven here.
And our Fire Pit.

And after a lot of bashing with the sledge hammer.
I wont be able to move tomorrow.
And as you can see there is a lot more to do.

We will do more tomorrow.

No sewing today.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


 Doesn't Grandma's Geranium look beautiful........

 And all of our Roses are starting to bloom.

 So, so lovely.

 My Brother came to visit in his new ute.
Very nice inside too.

Mum has added more blocks to the design wall today.
The picture is a little blurred.
My friend Kylie came over today for a little sew. She got right into sewing strips for a baby quilt she is making for a friend.
And I only basted hexagons and nearly got 3 diamonds done. So now I can start sewing again.

The girls layed 18 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Computers Are A Pain

 Our very fast growing London Plane Tree coming back to life after Winter.
Just look at the beautiful blue sky.
A glorious day.

 Block 7.

 Block 8 of the Jacob's Ladder QAL.

 And the 8 blocks on the design wall.

 Mum's pile of Nine Patches ( well some of them anyway ) still a lot to make though.

And some that are on the design wall.
It's starting to look good.

Computers are a pain in the bum.
I tried for over an hour to get on blogger.
Then my blog.
Then only the home page would come up.
Then the internet wouldn't work, then it would.
I was about to pull my hair out.
So I pulled out all the phone connections and power cords and put them back in then waited five minutes.
Guess what? It came back on. Yay ! !
Computers are only good if they work.

Zac is having a sleep over Birthday party at his friends house.
They are having tea at the Tooleybuc Club then playing mini golf and sleeping in tents tonight.
At least the weather is good and not like the beginning of the week.

The girls layed 16 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

To Melbourne And Back

 Here is  Zachary watching a movie on the way to Melbourne.
He is eating a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips.
I did tell him that I wouldn't post this picture on my blog.
 But I lied.Lol.

 Here is Mt. Macedon in the distance.
The stuff in the sky is the dirty windscreen.

 And through these trees is the new Royal Childrens Hospital.

 And another view.

We had stopped at the traffic lights for this photo.
It isn't quite finished yet.
Zac will have his operation next year in  Feburary.
In the new Hospital.
The Doctor said he wouldn't spoil his Summer School Holidays.
His Doctor is so nice.
He will be having an examination under anesthesia first to see how far his muscles stretch.
Then if they don't,  they will lengthen them in his calf (gastrocnemius lengthening ) and near his hip (soft tissue surgery to increase his abduction range )
Also he will have an operation on his ankle (os calcis lengthening osteotomy )

He will be in plaster for  4 to 6 weeks depending on how it is going.
Then he will have to get another AFO to keep his foot in the right position so it won't go back to the way it will want to go.
He will have to wear it for at least 12 months after the operation.
So he will have a long road ahead, but it needs to be done.
His Epilepsy has left his right leg very week , with no muscle tone and very little control in his ankle.
But it doesn't stop him.

We went to Melbourne and back in 11 hours.
And we are so tired.

No sewing today.
I am not like my friends who can sew and knit in the car.
I GET car sick.

The girls layed 15 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

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