Sunday, 30 June 2013

Work And Stuff........

As I was naughty and sort of slept in I didn't have time to do any sewing this morning before work. 

Work was busy for a Sunday........
And also my last day working's a long story but I've handed in my notice. 

I did get to my purse tracing this afternoon........I should actually sew a couple together. 

I may have photos tomorrow.....!!

It's very strange not having Jacob home.....and Zachary is a bit lonely too. 
The 2 of us will have to go adventuring while he is on holiday. 
DH has next weekend off so we can go to the movies and bowling.........can't wait!

It's firecracker day tomorrow and people already think its tomorrow......DH and I nearly jumped out of our chairs.......I hope it doesn't go on all night. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Baby Is Growing Up.........

I did manage to get Jacob to the airport on time. 
And I had a cry when he walked away to board the plane.......and I waited around to watch it take off. 
He made it to Melbourne safely......
And his uncle picked him up on time too. 
They made it back to Swan Hill as well. 
Jacob sounded extremely happy to see his girlfriend. 
He may come home knowing how to wash the dishes........well one can live in hope !

I have been tracing purses madly today......... 

Some of the ones already traced. 

Work tomorrow. 
But I will try to get more done before and after work. 

Well this very tired little black duck is going to bed......

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Packing ........

This morning I spent washing toile sure Jacob had enough clothes to take with him. 

Then an 8 hour shift........that finished at 7.30pm. 
DH cooked tea again......he's a good boy. 

Then I rang mum for a chat and catch up.  
Mum is very well and stitching things for a trading table for the local quilt groups biannual quilt exhibition. 

And I think I have all Jacob needs packed in his suitcase. 
His uncle will meet him in Melbourne and take him to Swan Hill. 

Zachary is coming for a ride to the airport in the morning so I hope we don't miss the's going to be an interesting morning. 
So I had better get some sleep..... 

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Playing And Purchasing.........

First up I will say Grandma is feeling much better. 

I played around with my purses this morning and then after lunch we went to Harvey Norman to take advantage of the end of financial year sales to get the boys a new computer each. 
Their old laptops were only rented and the plan is finished and they have to be sent back. 
And it's their birthday next month so they have early birthday presents. 
They chose desktop ones this time........

And after we got home I played with fabric some more. 
I've cut out 2 purse handbags.......and I've been searching in the garage through my boxes of fabric for certain bits for linings for the's a bit hard as I don't want to take it all out and not be able to get it back in. 
I will get DH to bring some inside and I will sort some out and put in our WIR along the top shelf. 
Then I might know where some of it 

Tomorrow I have to pack Jacobs bag for his trip back to Swan Hill. 
He is staying with his girlfriend for the Victorian school holidays. 
We will have to get up bright and early so he can catch his plane Saturday morning. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We Went Fishing.......

This morning DH and I went down to the jetty to try our luck at catching a fish. 
We caught 3 fish......!!!
We were very lucky today. 

They are not big fish but we were happy to catch something. 

The Ghan went by while we were fishing. 

Grandma hasn't been feeling the best and has had a funny head and felt dizzy so she had another trip to the hospital. 
All they could find after blood tests and a cat scan was that she should probably drink more fluids. 
She is home and tucked up in her bed. 

Zachary has a friend over and we dropped them at the movies to see World War Z......

My brother called around today for a quick visit as the ambulance was here seeing to it was a hello and goodbye from Greg. 
Hopefully next week will be better. 

I've done some pattern drafting for some purses today in between all the running around and waiting at the hospital. 

Tomorrow may be a better day. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Day Out.......

This morning I had a chiropractor appointment. 
And we all went for the drive as the boys needed new shoes and wanted a pair of jeans each. 
It was fun trying to get them out of bed. 

Grandma had fun looking at all the shops. 

DH and I went to the post office later on to post off my first purse sale and I made a cushion cover to match as well. 
I also found 'Quilt Sampler' at the newsagent......

DH cooked fish for tea.......yum. 

And then off to work I went. 

Now sewing today......

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Housework And Sewing.........

Today was spent doing the washing.....I'm always washing !

And I got to play with fabric too. 
I've been working out some new shapes for purses and been tracing more as well.

At 5 pm it was off to the place that pays me for doing stuff and I've just had a nice shower and I'm heading to bed. 
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the chiropractor then we are going to the mall to get Jacob and Zachary some new shoes and Jacob some more clothes as he is heading to Swan Hill for the school holidays. 

I may have pictures tomorrow. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013


..........a busy day  !!

DH and I took Grandma to the Territory Wildlife Park. 
She had a really great time ....... even if some of the tracks were a bit bumpy. 
We just loved the monsoon walk and aviaries. 
The aviaries were closed last year due to construction. 
Well with waiting for though. 

We had lunch there as well......

Grandma on one of the walking tracks......

I have lots more photos on the good camera and will share some when I load them into the computer. 

We came home and stopped long enough to get the boys and then we went into Darwin for the Mindil market. 
It's the first time we have been to the market since we've been here. 

Beautiful flowers that were on a tree in the park. 

No sewing today.......but I traced a few purses out. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013


........don't like getting up before the sparrows!
It stayed dark longer too as it has been very overcast here today. 
It was a really nice day too......
All the windows and doors open to let in the breeze. 

I had more of DH's yummy chicken and corn soup for lunch and then I just sat in my chair.......
DH had the footy on and I read a little bit and tried to get out the next level of Bubble Mania......
It's not happening though. 
It's getting harder all the time. 

I had a burst of energy and looked through my boxes of fabric for fabrics suitable for purses and bags........I did find some.......
So now to delegate time to make them. 

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 21 June 2013


Just a boring working day for me all know how that goes. 

So no play time for me. 
I would have had a nicer day playing with fabric though .........

DH cooked a really yummy chicken and corn soup for starters and chops and veggies for mains......I'm spoilt again. 

From about 5.30pm on I was thinking about my dinner......and had thoughts that this might be how a working man feels like after a long day at work......wanting a nice meal waiting at 
Well I'm off to bed......
I have to get up at 4am to start work. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Graduation Day........

Today was DH's graduation into the NT police......

The ceremony was very casual compared to the Victorian one. 

They put on a lovely light luncheon afterwards........and then we went out to tea with the whole squad and their families to the Trailer Boat Club right on the beach. 

No pretty sunset tonight as it has been cloudy all day. 

No sewing today.......

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I managed to make 4 purses today......but they don't yet have their frames attached.

Isn't it cute......
This one is ....sold.....!

The 4 already for their finishing touches......
I won't get any done tomorrow as we have DH's graduation......and then a dinner tomorrow night. 

Well I don't know how to rotate pictures on my phone....sorry !
These little free gifts came today ...... they came with my Homespun magazine subscription. 
Two ranges that I really do like. 
Not to sure what I will do with them yet. 

I was called into work an hour earlier went quicker than I thought it would......which is good. 
I would really love a cup of tea....but it's nearly 11pm and I should go to bed. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Today between housework I prepared 8 little purses.......
Now just to sew them together. 

I will get a couple done tomorrow.....I hope!
Photos tomorrow too......

DH arrived home safely and had an interesting time away in semi remote areas and the indigenous communities. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Nice Day.......

After my early chiropractor appointment Grandma and I went to spotlight had a very good look boys with us. 

Grandma and I have been just hanging out today.......
Jacob helped me make tea. 

Well Harrison won 'The Voice ' which I had hoped. 
He is just beautiful ....... and can sing too!

No sewing today......been web searching........and catching up on blogs which is something I haven't done for so long. 

DH has gone on an overnight trip with the academy group and are at Kakado and camping outside the Jabiru police station. 
In their swags.......!
Not something I would do. 

Where DH went today........he said all it needed was an elephant walking by. 
It does look a bit like Africa.......
They will be home tomorrow. 
And they are graduating on Thursday and 
start work next week. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

I'm Still Hexagon Stitching......

I have had most of today at home.......
I was home just after 10am as I did some shopping on the way home from work. 

I have spent the day quietly stitching away at my hexies. 
Watching the footy with grandma and doing some washing......

DH took Zachary to the V8 Supercars at Hidden Valley and they had a good time too. 
Zachary loved the fighter jets that flew over and he captured them on video on his phone. 

The pretty tray picture is starting to emerge........all will be revealed soon as I have 3 rows left to add. 
My fabrics sort of blend well with the tray........

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


It was a very lovely cooler morning in Darwin today. 
And people complained again that it was freezing. 
Idiots......they don't know freezing. 
I went home on time today.....

DH boiled eggs for me to make curried eggs when I got home. 
He had a break up BBQ with the guys and girls from the academy so I made them to take with us. 
They cooked a lamb on the spit too. 
Very nice. 

On our way home I had a "could you please open in the morning" instead of nice me said yes. 
No sleep in for me..... I was so looking forward to it too. 

No sewing today......

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Whinge........

This morning I stitched some hexies together......

4 rows together now ....... 5 to add. 

Then I had to go to that horrible !
I really don't like it there. 
Long story short......I was stuck there an hour extra.........
And I finished my lovely nice cold hamburger with the lot that DH had ready for me ( on time ) at 9pm. 
Not a good time to eat ones tea. 
And I have to open in the morning at 4.45am. 

I had better get some sleep. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I've realised that 8 1/2 hours is a long time even if one is very busy.....
The manager is in the process of getting more staff.....thank God !!!
My brain nearly fried today.......

Grandma and DH between them cooked a very nice dinner and I dished it up when I got home. 
Once DH starts work we may be eating at 9pm if I keep working until 6.30-7.30 at night as Grandma can't use the gas stove. 

We have just been vegging out in front of the T.V tonight and I have done some of....... 

I'm on my 4th row....

Do you like my pretty tray. 
I bought it last night when DH had a massage and I had half an hour to kill so I looked around in some shops. 
My hexies cover up the roses on the tray. 
It is to be my sewing lap tray......

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Some Finishes........

I was up early to go to the chiropractor this morning. 
After a breath taking , quick burst of bone crunching pain , I have felt much better today. 
But time will tell......
I have finished and put the 2 little purses into my Etsy shop. 

Other than the housework today has been uneventful. 

Grandma thought she would try to do some crocheting around a doily that she embroidered years ago. 
She had already done the edging but found that the mice ( when the plague was on ) had had quite a bit of fun with it. 
They only ate the edging in one spot , but Grandma took it off. 
She is getting around it slowly but surely. 

I think she is sick of doing find-a-word puzzles. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Day Off.......

I took Grandma and Jacob for a haircut today.......they both look much better. 

Zachary will be next.....his hair must be at least 6" long. 

While we were at the shops I stopped at the newsagent and .......

......bought the new Homespun magazine. 

I did look through it but will have a good read tomorrow. 

I'm back to the chiropractor in the morning......

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Busy Day.....

I hope everyone has had a nice long weekend.......
I will winge now and say that I had to work it and was called in 2 hours early today as well. 

DH had an exam early this morning and was home before lunch ...... so he had half a day off. 

I spent the morning washing and vacuuming and then making everyone wraps for lunch. 

DH and I went for a walk.......

Then I got to watch a bit of the footy before I went to work. 

 DH taped 'The Voice' for me and I have watched it already tonight.......I had better go to bed I think. 

No sewing today...... 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Morning Sleep-In......

A Sunday morning sleep in for us all this morning.....
Then work for me.......
And a lazy afternoon in front of the T.V.......
DH, Zachary and I walked to the park and they kicked the footy while I watched......

The view from the park bench......Zachary in the green shorts and DH over by the road fetching the ball.......and the apartment buildings getting built on the corner. 
They are opposite Zachary's school. 

And an easy tea.....Hot Dogs. 

No sewing today.....

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013


I've started to stitch my hexie's together. 

I'm half way through adding the third row. 

Work again for me this long bad if we wanted to go and do something. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Just Work Today.......

Nothing to report today.......
Nothing but work..........
And as I didn't know if I should sit or stand or lay down I didn't have a very comfortable day.

And I only watched the football and didn't stitch either.

I may feel better tomorrow.......
What a winger I am.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


It was just a little painful having my back and neck adjusted. 
But as I could turn my head with only a little pain afterwards it was worth it. 
My neck is not curved but nearly straight......not good !
The lower vertebrae in my neck have thinning of the discs and spurs starting to form and I have pinched nerves wonder I couldn't move very well. 
I had to have a nanny nap this afternoon as I couldn't sit any which way without my back hurting and by then my head was pounding......which the chiropractor said would probably happen. 

Before my nap I took Grandma to get her new glasses. 
And as we were at the shops we got some groceries. 
It is Grandmas favourite thing to shopping. 

While watching Master Chef tonight I sorted out and stitched more hexies. 

I now have the piece big enough for the bag I'm making. 
Now to just join the bits together. 

Maybe tomorrow night watching the football.......

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Appointment Day.......

Today was taken up with chores and appointments. 
I had a chiropractor appointment for my neck and back. 
I had X-rays on my spine. 
I have to go back tomorrow for another appointment so he can assess the X-rays  and know how to treat me. 
I called in to the in-laws to pick up something and then to the supermarket to get a few things. 

DH , Zachary and I went to the park to throw the frisbee. 
I think we saw at least a dozen fighter jets flying around too. 
One thing they aren't is quiet. 
And boy do they go fast.....

No sewing today.......

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cooking...Cleaning And Sewing........

Housework again this morning.......

Another pile of hexies sewn.....
And I finally found my pattern today.....if one looks hard enough one will find. 
Now I can make the handbag. 

Tonight I made sausage rolls for tea. 

The tray above did not last 10 minutes........
And there are not that many left either. 
The boys love sausage rolls. 

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 3 June 2013


It was another beautiful day in Darwin today.........except I spent it inside. 
At work. 
I got home just in time to watch 'The Voice'
And a very tasty mushroom soup and lamb steak and veggies.
DH must of been in a cooking mood tonight.

No sewing today.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Busy Day.......

After a lazy morning DH and I bundled Grandma in the car and we went into Darwin to the convention centre to the home expo. 
Lots of things to look at too.
Elmo was even there !

So Grandma got a good look of the waterfront and the wave pool........we had ice cream too.
Then we went to Stokes Hill Wharf to have some lunch. 

Then we met up with Grandpa and Nana and had coffee at the Cool Spot. 

Then DH let me go to Spotlight to grab a few things......some more 2" hexie papers !!

We have watched footy again......
I have been watching The Vicar of Dibley while DH was studying. 

No sewing today 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

A No Sew Day.......

I have not been sewing today......
Just work again. 

Football and movie watching tonight. 

A day off tomorrow , so something may get done. 

Until Next Time. 
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