Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year !

Well today I had plans to sew some but my dad and brother didn't go home , so we talked most of the day.
They are leaving early in the morning to beat the heat.
Mum and I went to town early and did some shopping.
Then I took Zac back at lunch and got KFC and took some to DH for his lunch.
So we sat and ate our lunch with the cows and Zac stayed with DH until he finished and then went fishing for a while.
Only the carp were biting though.
Well I have to go now and pick up Jacob from his friend's .

We really aren't much for celebrating new years but I wish everyone a  Happy New Year ! !

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Year. LOL.

Friday, 30 December 2011

The Blocks Are Finished..........

I finished the 6 blocks that I had left.
Yay !!

Now is the sewing them all together bit.
I will be adding a cream border then pink 2 1/2" squares then another cream border then more 2 1/2" squares.
Which will bring it out to be 86" square.
I will try to get some done tomorrow in between shopping and taking lunch to DH and dropping Zac out camping with his Uncle.
Or he may just go a few rounds in the feed truck with DH.

This is the blue/teal quilt top.
I prefer the pink one but that is just me.
I love pink !
Mum has so much fabric left that she will be able to get another single bed quilt out of it.

DH finally managed to catch up with my Dad today.
They are going home tomorrow.
They caught so many yabbies.
Dad and Grandma shelled them all and put them in jars of vinegar , so Dad can take them home.

We are going to have a small heat wave for the weekend.
Nothing like a few days over 40 degrees to get one going. Lol.
I do prefer the cold.

The girls layed 7 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Counting Down

Only 2 more days left of the year !
Where has it gone ?
I remember when I was little , thinking how slow the days were , and that Christmas would never get here.
Now they just fly past and Christmas is around the corner.

Today I got stuck into my Irish Chain.
I sewed 48 four patches.
And 6 blocks so now I only have 6 left.

Now its just fill in the gaps.
I hope I can get them done tomorrow.

I recieved a very lovely parcel in the mail today.
Some things from The Fatquarter Shop.
A book panel ( the tawny scrawny lion ) it's just beautiful.
I collect book panels so when ( oneday ) I have Grandchildren , I will have a bookshelf  full. Lol.

 Mr. Lincoln.

And the cactus are in bloom again.
It rained.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.
They went in the incubator with the eggs my Dad brought over .
And some went under a clucky chook.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sewing With Friends

Today I had some company to while away the hours.
Kylie came to have a sewing day !!

I put together another block of Noah and Friends.

And I know some of you would have guessed what I was making.

Another purse.
I hope you like , Natalie ??

I also sewed the last 7 of these for my Irish Chain.

And I have twelve more of these to go.
This one I sewed today.

Mum's new quilt top is finished.
It's very simple , just borders and more borders.
Now she has to make the other colourway which is blue/teal.
They will be going to some special little girls.
The fabric is  " Giddy "

Now today the girls layed only 5 eggs ????
Some of them are clucky so that might be the reason , who knows !

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


This is another part of my project.

The reveal will be tomorrow.

I have been a bit lazy today.
I finished off a book and started another.

Our Crepe Myrtle is starting to flower.
It will soon be amass of pink.

My brother , nephew and my dad arrived late afternoon.
And with my other brother and his girlfriend , we all lobbed at mum's and had a BBQ.
It was nice to see them again.
I hope we can fit in a few days in January and go over to South Australia and maybe go catch some crabs.

The girls layed 14 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Block Done

I have finished another block of Noah and Friends.
Not the stitching though.

Mum has started another quilt.
A panel in the middle with various borders.
She might get it done tomorrow.

And I have started making something too.........
Not telling yet.

This is Jacobs cat at the window , trying to catch the rain drops running down the window.
It was quite funny.

DH had his game of golf this morning with his dad and brothers.
Then he played X-box with Zac.

I heated up the cold meat in a pan with gravy for tea and we also had fresh out the ground potato's and straight off the plant zucchini and beans.
It a wonderful feeling sitting down to a meal knowing that you have grown most of it yourself.

We watched  Mr Poppers Penguins.
Very funny , lol moments.

The girls layed 9 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day !

I hope everyone has had a great day ! !

My sister in-law made the gingerbread house, which the boys in the family have demolished.
Big boys and little boys alike.
It had flake for the fence , freckles for the roof , bullets for the fence posts and smarties for the trim.

As per usual we had to much food.
And I feel as stuffed as the turkey. Lol.

My boys ( all 3 ) spoilt me and got me an i-pad.
It will be great to read my books on a bigger screen now.

And a lovely white cover.

DH and his partner for today , called in at home this afternoon.
Zac sure did love it.
Grandma did too , as she hadn't seen DH in his is uniform.

Zac and I had a game of Jenga and we managed to get it up to 30 levels.
I did lose the game.
It was a gift from one of his Aunties.
I think the boys got more than they wanted.
And are very happy.
Zac got an x-box 360 , so he is very , very happy. Now he will leave his brothers alone.
Jacob has a new phone that he can actually use at home , as his other one had no reception here.
DH got a new set of golf clubs , which he will be using tomorrow when he plays the annual boxing day golf tournament with his dad and brothers.
So , I may do some sewing tomorrow.

And finally the dresses ! !
The girls got them last night and wouldn't take them off.
Don't they look sweet.

Tuesday my dad and brother and nephew are coming over from South Australia for a few days so that will be nice.
Well after a very hot christmas day , it has cooled off , and started to rain and storm a bit.
Great for the gardens.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas To All

I would like to wish  everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I also hope everyone has a fantastic day with family and friends.

And I also hope this guy comes to everyone too !

Grandma and I have had another very busy day.
The meat is cooked and the salads are all made.
Zac made the curried eggs.
Grandma made trifle too ( I don't like it )
DH mowed the grass and vacumed .

Grandma picked some zinnia's and I put them in a vase ( I'm no florist )

They look very pretty.

The boys and I are having a quite night watching carols by candlelight ( at the Sydney Meyer Music Bowl in Melbourne ) it's a tradition.

1 more sleep ! !

The girls layed 12 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Busy , Busy........

Christmas is a lot of work !

All the meat has been thawing  today as I will be cooking it all tomorrow.
I have boiled a couple dozen eggs  and peeled them so I can curry them tomorrow.
I have made 2 different desserts and I will cream the pavlova christmas day.
Grandma will cook the turkey in her oven and I will cook the chickens and pork in mine.
We also have ham.
Grandma has made the stuffing and we will stuff the birds tomorrow.
Granny and I will be making some of the salads tomorrow as well.
This is the first time we will be having a cold lunch.
The reason is that DH has to work a twilight shift christmas eve so he will be getting home between 3:30 and 5:00am depending !!
So he will have to sleep for a few hours , try to socialize , eat  lunch then be ready for work again by 2pm.
He is going to be a zombie........
He does get boxing day off though.

 I also got the buttons and button holes on the dresses.

This is one of the books I made.
So everything is made wrapped and under the tree.
And that is a first !!
So no more staying up wrapping presents to all hours for this little black duck.
Might have to do the same next year. Lol.

Only 2 more sleeps !

The girls layed yesterday and today 25 eggs.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Only 3 More Sleeps

We got an early start to town.
And got all our jobs done too and got home just after 12pm.
Then the fun starts when you have to drag it in and sort it out.
I so hate that.

Tomorrow will start with finishing off one book panel and putting the buttons on the dresses , then I am done !!
With the presents anyway.

Then I will start on the cleaning and catch up on the washing , I hope........

Tonight we went to Lake Boga for the rescheduled work party.
Speed boats and skiing , jet ski and the barby boat.
BBQ tea and a lot of fun , until the mosquitoes came .
The sunset was beautiful and I would have  taken a photo but  Jacob was using my phone.

The girls did lay eggs I am sure ,  but we didn't pick them up as we got home late.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holiday Time

I'm on holiday's.
Yay !!
I go back to work on the 3rd of January , so I will have a nice break.

Today block no. 6 arrived of Mrs. Billings Coverlet.
( I haven't even finished block 1 )
But it is started. Lol.

The 2 dresses looking rather fine !
I ran out of time to get buttons today as we got to talking at work and I left late.
But I will get them tomorrow.
Which is something I am not looking forward to.
There is going to be sooooo many people in town.
I have just a few more things to get .

Zachary's school shirt signed by just about everyone at school.

Something to keep forever.

And the view from our front gate looking up the drive.
Our beautiful Agapanthus.

The girls layed an even dozen today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last Minute Madness

Tonight after I got home from work , and after we had tea I went out to the sewing room and made the next dress.
 And silly me forgot a photo !!
They look so good ( even if I do say so myself )
Tomorrow I will have to buy some buttons and finish them off.

I also have 2 book panels to make up for a niece and nephew that are 9 months old .
From experience , children that age like the wrapping paper more than what the present is.
So I will be spending the next few nights out in my sewing room.

As I got an early minute ( 30 actually ) from work today I had time to get grandma's present.

I had this photo enlarged to fit an 11"x14" frame.
She is going to love it.
It's wrapped and under the tree already.

Zachary had his grade 6 break up dinner at the Tooleybuc Club and then they played mini golf.
He said he had a great time.

Only 5 more sleeps.

The girls layed 11 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Graduation Night

I finally took some photo's.

These 2 blocks have only the 16 points.

I do like working with the border prints.

Tonight was Zachary's Graduation from Primary School.
And also the end of year school Christmas Concert.
From the little preps to grade 6 , they all got up on stage and had a really good time......
They performed short plays and sang songs .

This is his class grades 4,5and 6 dancing the Nut Bush.
Zac is in the stripped jacket and santa hat.
Zac had the lead in his class play.
 He was the Grinch.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

No. 51

At sewing today I basted and sewed.......

Diamond  Hexie no. 51.

Today was our christmas breakfast  with the sunday girls.
At spoon's , which is on the banks of Murray River.
A very beautiful setting.
We all had something different to eat  ( I had bacon and eggs on a yummy roll )
It was also pouring with rain.
Much needed rain for the garden too.

Today was also DH's work christmas party.
The boys were so looking forward to it too , but the weather had other idea's.
They were to go to Lake Boga and and do water activities and have a BBQ lunch , oh well there is always next year.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until next Time.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Satuday Sewing

 Today I finished the monkey block.

Isn't he cute.
And I have started the giraffe block too.

And Mum finished her quilt top.
The colours don't show up very well though.

I thought this was funny. The skirt of the dress I'm making standing up by itself.

The pattern is from a Homespun magazine.
I am making it for my Brothers girlfriends daughter.
And will be making a smaller one for her sister.

And the finished dress ( except for the button holes and buttons )
It only took 2 hours and 15 minutes and that included the cutting out.
They will be christmas presents.

Only 8 more sleeps.

The girls layed 8 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Starting Another Quilt

We have had a very warm day today.
35 degrees.
Offically hot enough to swim. Lol.
( well for me anyway )

Mum came over this afternoon to sew and has nearly finished her quilt top.
I have been tracing and cutting and ironing then cutting some more.
Oh , and some sewing in there too.
I have started appliquing a new quilt.

This is the centre block.
It's called Noah And Friends.
I hope to get more done tomorrow.

The girls layed 12 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

No. 50

I'm half way there !!

Diamond Hexagon no. 50.

A close up.

Grandma's Dahlia's.

And another.

The Agapanthus are really out now.
I just hope they will still be around for Christmas so I can put a vase of them inside.

The girls layed 14 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

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