Friday, 30 November 2012

Goodbye to Spring

Last night all we got was rain at all !!
It has tried to rain today , but it has only been spitting.
We may get some overnight , thats what the radar says anyway......

I hope Summer doesn't throw many days like yesterday at us....we still have brick work to do !

Today I quilted my MIL's bag , made the handles and sewed on the pockets in the lining.
Now it's all ready to sew together.........

I've also been stitching binding.

And watching T.V.....Ghost Whisperer and Big Bang Theory and some documentaries too.

The girls laid 5 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


I will only say once that it was VERY HOT today.......
It hovered between 44 and 45 degrees Celsius.
The change is coming through at the moment and with it is a lovely dust storm......I can smell the rain , but it isn't raining yet.
Things have crashed and blown over outside.....

DH played golf this morning with a few stupid people.
His hands were that sweaty his clubs kept slipping around in his hands when he was some shots went askew........he will need to get a glove.

Mum came over for a bit and we bound a quilt for her to take away next week when she visits my brother.
It was the pink and yellow one ( for Grandma )

Tonight we have watched the animated movie Brave.
LOL funny in spots and worth watching.
And I watched 2 episodes of Bones.......not much else to do when it's HOT !
I also did some Internet surfing too.

The girls laid 6 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Family Dinner.......

What a nice day !!!!!!!!!
A very warm day.

Washing was done a hung on the line before work and dry before I went to work.
Which wasn't hard , with what the temperature was.

It was straight home from work tonight , as we had dinner plans with DH's dad.
Only DH's eldest brother couldn't make it,  as he was away for work.
It was nice to catch up with everyone.

No sewing today.

The girls laid 5 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Morning Sound And Light Show......

Before the alarm went off this morning......nature sent it's own alarm.
Thunder and lightning........
And one very thunderous bang that shook all the way to china.

Today was my long day at work.......
And by what customers kept saying I think I was in the best spot....under the A/C !!
They are forecasting 43 drgrees for comes SUMMER !

We had a skip bin delivered yesterday and this morning DH filled it up.
He did some work in the bathroom.
He pressure washed the BBQ area out the back.
He made soup ( chicken and corn ) and I know its not soup weather , but he makes the best soup.
And he cooked tea as well , as I worked until 7pm.

No sewing today......

And I'm really sorry Kylie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls laid 11 eggs over the last 2 days.

Until Next Time.


Monday, 26 November 2012

A Long Day......

We have been to Melbourne and back today.

They have put DH on a ' to ring ' list if there are any cancelations but it looks like February or March for his operation.
Which won't take long the way the days fly past.

We stopped at Bendigo on the way home and bought Jacob some new clothes.......children are forever getting bigger.

I did manage to baste 4 hexies before the doctor called us I did get some sewing in today.

It has tried to rain today....and it hasn't been as hot.

The eggs weren't picked up tonight , as we got home in the dark.

Until Next Time.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Hot One......

All six quilts are trimmed and waiting for their bindings.....

After work , I met DH and the boys for the SFIL's birthday lunch.
And after lunch , DH went off to work and the boys and I came home.
It was a very lovely 37 degrees took the bit over 10 minute trip home for the A/C to cool the car.

We are off to Melbourne tomorrow ....DH has to see the doctor and hopefully get a date for whatever comes next.

I will take my hexie's along and I may get some stitching done.

The girls laid 8 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mini Quilt Show.......

A lttle quilt show for you all......

A very busy double pinwheel quilt.
( Grandma's Christmas present )

 A close up of the quilting....

My very giant Trip Around the World quilt.

And the quilting......a feathery twirly thing.

Mum's Log Cabin quilt.

And a close up of the quilting......

A layer cake and jelly roll quilt......I forget the name !

And the pretty quilting pattern.....

Something Mum and I designed ages ago......

The same quilting pattern as the one before......the quilts are going in the same room.

And our Pink and Brown Log Cabin.....

And the close up of the quilting.....

That concludes  the quilt show.

Now Mum and I have a lot of work ahead of us.

I did do some sewing today.
I hemmed 3 hanky's for DH's step fathers birthday tomorrow.

The girls laid 5 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Day Trip.....

What a long busy day.....
Mum , Grandma and I went to Bendigo today to pick up those quilts that we dropped off a couple months ago.
Oh, my......
They look fantastic.
I will take photo's tomorrow.

After work tomorrow I will trim and bind my Trip Around the World.
And it will take me a month of Sunday's to get all the way round it.

The girls laid 12 eggs over the last 2 days.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Still Cleaning......And Some Stitching Thrown in

This morning Mum bought over her floor steamer and we cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors.
And we also cleaned the sewing room floor too.
They are really easy to use and I may just have to get one myself.
And I have caught up on the washing.....until I strip the beds !!

I thought I would show the bag I'm making for my MIL.
This is the outside of the bag.....I have yet to start the quilting
The lining is cut and the pockets are made......just the handles to go.

I don't know what fabrics they are .....they were just 2 charm packs that I had.

The raggy quilt I'm making at the moment....
It' isn't that dark in real life.....all the blank spaces will be filled in with sqaures like the one in the top right corner.
And I will do some on the diagonal too......

The mess on my work table......
Sorting strips for the QAYG blocks.

Block 19
 Mum was happy as we were looking in some bags of repo fabrics and we found 2 more light shirtings.

And the design wall.

The eggs weren't picked up tonight......oops !!

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pictureless Post......

It's been another no sew day for me.
Washing this morning and other jobs around the house needed to be done.
Then off to work......
Then to the supermarket ( it's nearly finished )
Zachary stayed in town after school so I had to pick him up from the skate park.
It was nice to have company in the car on the trip home.
We are heading into a heat wave......won't that be fun ???

Blogger won't let me post any photo's.
I bought more space ages ago...maybe it's run out.
I will have to look into it.....

The girls laid 7 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

An Afternoon Of Sewing.....

I had another quick trip into town this morning , as Jacob had an appointment.

When I got home I finished my Ohio Star quilt top.

Borders all on !

And a random close up....

Mum added 2 more blocks too.
Block 17

Block 18

And all 18 blocks.

I thought I would share a quilt that mum and I made many years ago ( before children ) for my  (baby ) glory box.

Baby blocks of course......
All EPP and hand quilted too ( but not very good )
And guess what ?........It's made out of was the only pastel fabric the shop had at the time.

The girls laid 7 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Nearly done !

I went into town this morning to do a few errands , and try to find the things at the supermarket that we couldn't find last Friday.
It's still pretty bad on the supermarket front.

After lunch Mum came over and we sewed again.

A close up of my Ohio Star quilt.

I have only the top row of stars to add....and then the outer border.

Mum finished pineapple block 16 today and started another.

Block 15

Block 16

And them on the design wall.

Our red flowering cactus that flowered a couple weeks ago has bloomed again.
I wish my photo did it justice.
It is absolutely stunning in real life.

The girls laid 8 eggs today.

From Mum's garden
Until Next time.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Sewing .......

Today was our monthly sewing get together.....
And we were having so much fun I forgot to take photo's.

Except this one .....Mum did a woopsie !
Then she did some

Natalie was on a roll and actually had her head down and bum up.
She traced , ironed , cut and fused anapplique block....then cut out another block for a mystery quilt she is doing.
Angela was embroidering away.......I would love to make what she is doing , but I would never finish it.
Dianne was stitching the lining down on a bag that is going to Queenland tomorrow.
Mum was still stitching her pineapple blocks and finished one and started another.
I did a bit more on the MIL present and then I started to sew together my Ohio Star blocks.
It will soon be finished.

DH went to get another load of bricks for the pizza when we have a spare half day or day off together we can try and finish.

The girls laid 6 eggs today.
We have a couple chooks sitting on eggs.
So in a few weeks we should have some babies.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Sewing .....

It was another sleep-in day this morning......
So nice too.

DH went off to golf before lunch and had a good game.

Mum came over and had an afternoon of sewing with me.

Block 13

Block 14

Mum finished off one and got another done.

I love how the pattern is evolving.......

I have made the pockets and layered the bag front together for my MIL present.
And Mum helped me move things around out in the I have a new layout.
I hope it works better.

The girls laid 8 eggs today.
And we have 4 babies too.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Shopping......And Lazing Around

Well first off I can say it has been a no sew day !!

DH and I both had a very lazy morning and a busy afternoon.

We headed into town at lunch time so grandma could get her hair cut.
Grandma's T.V hasn't been working well and she decided to get a new one.
So we did T.V shopping too.

DH and I did some jobs and running around while grandma was at the hairdresser.
Then to the supermarket for some groceries ...... now , that was an experience !
They are changing everything around and installing self serve checkouts as well.
I know their reasoning for changing things around , but it is a very huge pain in the bum.
After that , we picked up Zachary from school so he could get new shoes.
He also had some gift cards and wanted to buy a new X-Box game.

One of DH's friends sent us this......
Very true !!
And so funny.

The girls laid 8 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's Finished .....

I have finally finished the binding !

No blue sky today ....... overcast but warm.

DH and I washed the car this morning.
So it is squeaky clean......

Mum came over for a bit of a sew this afternoon and nearly finished another pineapple block.
I am getting all the bits ready for the MIL christmas present.......I will tell , it's going to be a bag.
The outside is done ( but needs to be quilted )
Inside pockets are being made at the moment.

I have nearly decided how to make the pink baby raggy quilt..........for little Harriet.

And I have finished my book........a great trilogy !!!!

The girls laid 7 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I have only inches left of my binding.

 Tomorrow it will be finished.

My eldest , Jacob .......with his hair cut !!
It is going to take some getting used to.

The girls laid 6 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No Hair !

This morning was taken up with the normal jobs ..... feeding the animals ...... hanging the washing up ..... ( on my nicely fixed clothesline ) ...... doing more washing ....... reading some of my new book ..... and getting ready for work.

Work was very busy , which makes the day go faster.

I picked up tea on the way home ( noodles ) .....yum !

I must make something pink on my days off of DH's academy mates has just become a father. It's a bit strange because I picked out a heap of pinks months ago and no blues.
I must of known.......

Jacob  requested that I cut his hair today.
And from photo's that I have posted ... you will know that it was rather long ( for a boy )
Well it is now about an inch long all over.
He looks so different !
I may post a photo tomorrow.

No sewing today.

The girls laid 13 eggs over the last 2 days.

Until Next Time.
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