Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Still Cutting.......

I have pictures today to prove that I am still playing with fabric.......

All the blue and brown 2 1/2" squares that I started yesterday.........
I will add to them when I get the next lot of fabric.

And the 5 1/2" squares for my baskets......

A few things came in the mail today.........this being one of them.

And it soon looked like this.......
The big pieces go with all the other 'Bonnie and Camille' fabrics that are leftover from all the projects I have made , as well as the dark blues that are in this range.
The ones on the right are for my big hexies and I think I can get a purse out of those little bits too.....

It's been another beautiful day here in Darwin......

Well I had better get ready for work.........

Until Next Time.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Cutting Out Day.........

After the morning jobs were done I got out my cutting board , ruler and rotary cutter and started slicing away...........

I'm readying a kit that Mum bought at the Melbourne quilt show and the fabrics I've added to them.
I'm waiting for the next lot to become ready ( which is next month some time ) so I can add them to it.
I'm cutting 12 x 2 1/2" squares from them all , for the hexagons ( kit ) and 2 x 5 1/2" squares from them all , for basket blocks I want to make.
When the next lot of blues and browns are in my hot little hands I will have 80 different ones to play with........which is good as I need to cut out 840 something hexagons !

I also saw some that looked good together , so I cut some extras for my diamond hexagons.

I'm about half way through them all and I will get some more done tomorrow as I have a 6 pm start.

I got in a bit a reading too......

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lazy Sunday.......

After we got ourselves ready Grandma , DH and I went into Darwin to the fish market and bought some fish.
It's about time we bought a feed of fish.
And we had to watch football too........
And go to the supermarket on the dreaded Sunday ........
And DH , Zachary and I went to the movies and saw 'Scary Movie 5' it is so stupid you have to laugh.......

I squeezed in a bit of reading........
I did look at my hexies , but that is all I did.
I may bring my cutting board inside tomorrow and get busy.......

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Sleep In.......

It was sleep in day......
DH cooked me bacon and eggs for breakfast.
It served itself well as I didn't get lunch ( tin of spaghetti ) until 2pm.
We had a small IT problem at work which happened 10 minutes after I got there.
Long story short.....it took 2 hours for the problem to be fixed and we couldn't trade at all.
The other girl stayed inside and was on the phone to the help desk and I went outside and cleaned some of the bowsers and directed traffic that insisted on driving over the witches hats that I put out to stop people driving in.
I'm not joking.....

The football was on when I got home.....and the Blues won!!!!
Go Carlton Go.......!
We got to smile this week.

We ordered in pizza for tea.....it was nice having someone else do the cooking....thank you Dominoes.

I have been basting my 2" hexies tonight.
And I will not stitch any of them together until I have them all basted.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Another Baking Day........

It was a slow day.....but I did get the washing done and dried , folded and put away and baked some coffee kisses (biscuits) that are joined together with coffee icing.

I did read some too.

Tonight after tea we went to the Palmerston market ...... there is so much food there !!
I wonder if it all gets sold ......
The picture is of all the birds that fly over , there must be thousands of them....and the noise.
DH and I had a look around and then we went home and picked the boys up later.

It's football on the T.V at our house tonight.

No sewing today......but I did sort through some ....... but it will wait until Monday.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anzac Day 2013 ........

I would have loved to have gone to the Anzac service in Darwin but I had to work......
And I got home too late to see the news as well.
I would have loved to have seen the flyover........

I survived.........
My feet are sore but not as bad as I thought they would.
And there is a chair at work.......thank god!
The day went quicker than I thought which was really good.

No sewing tonight.......

I have been using my foot massager.

And Zachary wanted to watch a movie so we ended up watching ( Cheaper By The Dozen 2 )

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A finish.......

We were up early......I had to take DH to work as the ute is getting fixed.

I took Grandma to the supermarket for an outing this morning.

I did more washing.....I can't get away from it.

I squeezed in a bit of reading.

Then it was time to pick up DH and drop him off to get the ute.

We splashed out and bought a leg of lamb for tea......and it was yummy.

And I finished the pinwheel quilt......

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Nearly There.......

I was being domestic again today.
I vacuumed and washed.
I'm always washing......

Then I had a blog break and fired up the computer and caught up and had a good surf.....
I also played this frustrating bubble popping game.....I love it but it drives me mad !

When DH got home we went and dropped off his ute at the mechanics again ( the parts came in ) so it can get fixed.
Then the three of us went to the water slides for some fun ( Jacob stayed home he has a bad cold and sore throat )

Still no results on DH's exam.

I have nearly finished the pinwheel binding.......

Until Next Time.

Monday, 22 April 2013

First Day.........

Today I started my new job.......
Same job just a different place.
And very busy too.....
My feet have to get used to standing for hours again.........

DH had his first exam today........no results yet.

Grandma is feeling much better today......

No sewing today........
We have been watching ' The Voice '

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Interesting Day..........

DH and I gave our walk a miss this morning and he got straight into his studying.

Grandma helped me make a banana cake ( a double mixture )
Just as I put them in the oven Grandma started to feel bad........her blood pressure was high and she was all red in the face.......so the ambulance visited and took her to the hospital so the doctor could check her out.
She is fine now.......
They said her magnesium level was a bit low , but other than that she is good.

Zachary being the nearly 14 year old boy that he is , said after the ambulance had gone 'I wouldn't mind if those Ambo girls could come back and check me out'

DH has been studying as much as he could today in between all the goings on.

The boys have made some friends and have been hanging out with them on their skateboards and scooters.

We got Grandma home in time so she could watch her Adelaide Crows play and win too......

Before tea time DH and I went to the pool for some laps and running in the water ( it sure gets the blood pumping )
We joined at the pool and we can use the gym and do the classes they have running too.
I will think about the gym side of things........

I was going to sew some binding tonight but got side tracked watching The Voice and making tea.......and I was sort of playing games on the iPad.......

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


...........are still slowly getting required things done.

DH is lucky that the motor registry is open Saturday mornings as they close at 4pm daily......we both changed our drivers licences today and we still have the cars to change yet.
Our photo's both look like mug shots......lol.

We also went into the city to the bank ( we needed to go into the branch )
Right next to the bank are two beautiful trees that were being removed as some rotten person poisoned them.......
Some people should be strung up.....

DH and I next went to spotlight and bought curtains for the living room.....a charcoal colour.....and they block out the sun in the afternoon nicely........
All the bedrooms have curtains but the living area didn't.
All the curtain tracks were there for us to hang some........but if we wanted some it was up to us to get them.
I found purse frames and more hexie papers there too........I can really glue like crazy now.....and start making purses too..

DH studied after lunch ( he has his first exam Monday ) while I added the hooks and hung the curtains.....

The boys didn't want to go , but both DH and I went to the local pool for a few laps and we also walked this morning too......

I've stitched binding tonight.....3 lengths worth.
And stabbed my finger twice.......

Until Next Time.

Friday, 19 April 2013

A Good Day.......

Grandma came for a ride into Darwin with me to drop off some paperwork.
So she saw a bit of the 2 main streets of the city.
I called into Maccas for 2 soft serves on our way home.......(a little treat for Granny) oh , and one for me.

I'm still washing every day......
I'm still catching up with all the linen we used to pack things with.
I know it's not dirty , but........

DH had a field trip today.
He saw the sights of law and order in Darwin and surrounds.

Zachary actually walked to school today and was up , showered and dressed before I got up.
Wonders will never cease.

I got the next quilt clipped and I have started sewing the binding down.
I have another waiting in line......
Then it's quilting time again with some tops in the waiting line too.

Tonight we went to have tea with DH's dad.
A very beautiful meal.......and I'm still so full now !
I know I shouldn't eat much.......

DH and I plan to get back into our walking routine.
So we start in the morning......fingers crossed !

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's Finished..........Finally !

Grandma and I headed off this morning to K-Mart  to have a look around and get me some shoes for work......

I found some shoes.......which was good , because I start work on Monday.

We also found some other things........lol.
We are thinking of getting Grandma a fold up wheelchair so she can enjoy going places , but not have to walk........she gets puffed out very quickly and can't walk far before wanting to sit down.

I did a little detour to the patchwork shop and bought some 2" hexie papers on the way home....
Now I can glue to my hearts content......

Today I have finally finished my Tile Quilt.........

I will have to find a better place to take a photo so I have a nice one to put on the patterns......

And not forgetting the back........

Until Next Time.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I did get up early to take DH to work........
I let him drive so I could wake up.....
I got home in time to get Zachary to school.......
( he walked home today and didn't go the other direction ) lol !!
Lucky I was waiting for him yesterday ( and lucky he has a mobile phone ) I text him I was waiting in the car park and he text me back saying he was walking , I told him I would catch up and pick him up on the way back and guess which way he was going........yep....the wrong way ! He gets that from his dad......
It's only down the end of the street and turn right , then on the left down a little bit.....who could get lost.
He found his way home today....which was good.
My brother didn't ring to say he was here........maybe tomorrow.
We didn't go into Darwin today......still waiting on some paperwork to hand in.......
I have to go and buy new work shoes tomorrow as I threw my old ones away.....they were nearly falling apart , I think I'm due for a new pair........
Grandma and I might go to Spotlight as well tomorrow.......I need to get curtains for the lounge room so it may be cheaper to get ready made ones or make some myself.....we will see.
I made some hedgehog as planned.......
And the scrappy granny quilt has been added to my Etsy shop.......

I did get some stitching in today and have about 30" left on the binding to go.....
I hope I can finish it tomorrow......

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Much Of The Same.......

Today was spent much like yesterday......

I emptied another box !
Organised our closet and put away clothes.
Grandma helped me fold sheets and she did some ironing ( clothes that were wrinkled from the journey )

More meal planning today.....and another trip to the supermarket.
I think the pantry is stocked enough with baking goods for now.
I was planning on baking biscuits tomorrow but I have to go to Darwin to drop stuff off and I have to take DH to work first ( his ute is getting serviced ) and then come home to get Zachary to school.
Grandma wanted to come for a ride into the city , so I will take her for a joy ride.....
My brother may ring to say he is here too.
Then I will have to go pick up DH in the afternoon.
I may just make Hedgehog instead.......much quicker.

I have loaded another quilt on my Etsy store and another will go on tomorrow.

I was going to stitch more binding tonight , but blog catch-up was done instead.......
We only got the Internet back yesterday so the boys and I are very happy.
I was missing everybody's blogs........

Also we were watching 'The Voice'........

This is as close as I could get to the little lizards that run all over the backyard..
It was nearly to the back door.
It is just by the edge of the tiles under the chair.

Until Next Time.


Monday, 15 April 2013

A Domestic Day........

Well it's back to school hours now......so no sleeping in for me.
Zachary's first day at school was good.
I took him to school and picked him up too.
It's not to far away but he wanted me to.

Grandma and I went a bit domestic today and washed clothes and got them dried and ironed and made salads for tea too........
And I don't know how many times we did the dishes.
Today was humid, the clouds threatened all day and we had one little shower of rain, just after DH got home.

Tonight we have been watching The Voice and I have been stitching........

The Diamond hexagon ( I must check how many I've made ) I started a couple days ago is finished.
And I've been stitching down binding on my Tile quilt.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Slow Sunday.......

Today was a true Sunday .......
We got a few things done.
DH studied this morning as the boys slept in.
I had a leisurely breakfast whilst reading the newest Stephanie Laurens book.

DH and I cleaned up outside and took all the packing boxes to the recycling depot.
Then we went to Bunnings..... my goodness what a place !
The car park was nearly full......we found what we were after and then off to target to find Zachary some shorts.
Didn't find any there.....
But the sports store had some that he wanted , which was lucky.
Then to the dreaded supermarket.....I'm not going there on a Sunday ever again.
Every man and his dog was there.....I have made a mental note to myself to not go there on Sundays.

We watched some football this afternoon and we watched Madagascar 3 tonight.

Tomorrow is Zachary's first day of school here.....I hope he likes it.
They start a whole hour earlier up here than back home.
The hours are 8am to 2.30pm.

I sewed one hexagon onto my diamond ....so I cannot say I didn't sew today.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Busy Saturday........

We were up early to call into the RC hobby store to order in a new motor for Zachary's plane.
Then on to the motor car and licence registry to change our licences over.....but we didn't take our proof of residency so we will have to go back another day.
Then we went into Darwin for a look around ....... then we called into Grandpa's to see if they were home ( they were ) and he took us to the 'Cool Spot' for a drink.
It's very nice there .....you can see the ocean from your seat.

DH'S and Zachary went to the water park for a while and Jacob and I went shopping for some school shorts for Zachary ...... didn't find any though.
I will go to Target tomorrow and see if the have something.

DH and I did more sorting and unpacking today.
The boxes of books were next on the agenda and we rearranged some furniture.

I have been hexie sewing tonight while watching the football.......our team lost again !!

Until Next Time.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oops ........!!

I had to make a trip to DH's work and drop off his lunch......he left his sandwiches on the kitchen bench.
He does that sometimes..........
Jacob came for a drive with me and we did some exploring around Palmerston and got a few things at the shops.

Grandma and I cleaned the china cabinet and put all the pretty things back in there that have been living on the kitchen bench for 2 days all washed and waiting.
It's all very sparkly and shiny.....

I unpacked more boxes.......
( you would think that we would be finished by now )

Mum rang me tonight with news that the baby has arrived ( a girl ) for the alphabet quilt we made.
She was born last Friday.
Her name is Willow.
Mum is heading over to South Australia soon so she will be able to give the quilt to her.

No sewing today.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Still Sorting.......

We are starting to make progress on the bomb zone.
It is looking more like a normal house now.
I got around to doing some washing today.......so we all now have clean clothes.
I had to go into Darwin today to drop off paperwork for the house , so I took Grandma for a drive.
We detoured by Grandpa's to see if Zachary's wallet was left in one of the cars we borrowed.
Lucky for Zachary it was.
Grandpa was there which was nice.
I took Grandma for a look at the ocean (Fanny Bay) as we were close by.
DH and I helped Zachary assemble the trampoline (Zachary was happy) and all the cement garden ornaments have new homes.
Tonight we hired some movies.
We watched Ted tonight.......
And we also got Madagascar 3 (which we haven't seen before)

I did get my sewing out.....but I just looked at it.
I'm bad.....

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wild Life........

Another early start to the day.......

I had to take DH to work as we had only one car.
Then I waited for Grandpa'a managers to pick me up and drop me at the depot that had DH's ute.
They contacted him yesterday to say his ute had arrived and it needed to be picked up between the hours of 8am and 4pm.
The same hours he works...........
Not very convenient either....... but it all worked out.

My brother called in today as he got into Darwin this morning.
He spent a few hours with us......
He drove around in the prime mover.....brought back memories of when dad would bring the truck home some nights.
We should see him every Wednesday .........all going well.

Happy 12th Birthday to my Nephew Dylan......it is always a week to the day after mine .....lol.

We are very slowly organising everything.
It is going to take a while though.
We may have to donate stuff to goodwill.
I'm sure we have over 30 mugs and that goes for glasses too.
I'm not kidding !!!

The tree frog made its second appearance tonight....this time out under the entertaining area.
Maybe it's a pet ?
Or our house is its home.........
I like frogs.
We have lizards running around the back yard ( but I can't get close enough to take a photo ) and they run up the fences.
I'm not sure what they are.......

No sewing today.......

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Moving Day........

Our furniture turned up today........

And the house looks like a bomb hit it.
There is stuff everywhere.
We finally found the kettle and toaster , way to late to make a cuppa too.

The day was spent telling the removal mans helpers what rooms to put stuff.

Grandma and I put away what we could until DH got home and he helped with the heavy things.

I hope it starts to look better tomorrow.

No sewing today......

Until Next Time.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Quiet Day.........

Today started early......
DH had to get up at 6am to start at the academy , but we were woken before that by the netball team that are staying here.
They were not very quiet.......
I tried to go back to sleep , but once I'm awake its hard to go back to sleep.
I also woke up with a sore throat.
I think I have tonsillitis.
I haven't had it for quite a long time , I will have to find a doctor tomorrow if it gets any worse.
I've battled through the day very quietly basting hexies.
I did do some washing though.
I watched a very old movie on T.V and then a whole heap of old shows from the 80's came on........it brought back memories.
On the moving into our house front......our furniture will arrive in the morning sometime , so we will get to sleep in our own beds tomorrow night......so looking forward to that.

So if basting counts as sewing , I did do some today......

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Slow Sunday..........

We borrowed Grandpa's car today and went out to the house to do the property condition report.
Zachary came for a ride......
We did some grocery shopping on the way back to the apartment.
By then it was time for a late lunch and then watching football all afternoon.
Carlton lost........bad Blues !!!!!!!!
Oh well , there's always next week.
I finished my hexie diamond.....I'm not sure what number I'm up to though.

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Lazy Day.......

We were woken this morning by the fire alarm.........at 5.40am !!
It was a false alarm.
But when the alarm rings and keeps saying "please evacuate" one must obey.
The fire trucks turned up quick ( which is good if it was a real fire ) and quickly found the problem and let us go back to our rooms.
Grandpa won't be happy as he has to pay for every time the fire brigade comes out even if someone burns their toast.

We were to tired to go for a walk this morning , so we went over to the market across the road and had a look around.
We bought some fresh veggies and some fruit too.

We have just had a lazy afternoon watching footy and tonight we watched a movie.

I did some hexie sewing whilst watching both.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 5 April 2013


DH and I started the day with a 5km walk down to the walking track that runs along the beach.
Not a bad view from the walking track..........
Then after a late breakfast we borrowed Grandpa's car and went to Palmerston to cancel and reconnect the telephone onto the new house.
It was much quicker at the Telstra shop than ringing them and getting put through to India ........lol.
We had a bit of a look around at the shopping centre too.
Next was lunch which we took to the new house and to give Grandma a tour.
Then Zachary's interview with the new school.
It's a middle school.
Years 7-9.
Then we were off to DH's appointment to get his uniform and ID photos.
By then it was swimming time!!!!!

I got some reading material on our travels too.

No sewing today........

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Holiday Mode...........

This morning we had an early appointment to pick up the keys to the house.
I took lots of photo's.......
Then we went to the school that Zachary will be going to to get enrolment forms.
The school is very new......and looked really nice too.
We are booked in for an interview tomorrow.......
After lunch we had a swim in Grandpa's pool.......the water was warm.
It kind of feels like we are on holiday , but we're not.
Once we are moved into the house things will start to get back to normal.
I think I forgot yesterday to say that I have a job.........still for Woolworths petrol.
I will find out soon when I start.
DH's sister works long distance for their Dad and is up here for a few days working and tonight we went out for tea , which was really nice as we don't see her very often.
There may just be more swimming on the agenda for tomorrow.......

No sewing today......but I might get some out tomorrow.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We Have Arrived.........

No hiccups on the flight.......
Grandma held up well and didn't have a panic attack , which was good.
She quite liked looking out the window as we were landing.

DH and I walked across to the shops when we got to the Quest apartments to get some tea........and as it is my birthday I got to choose.
So we had Chinese......

We may go swimming tomorrow.....

No sewing today.

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What A Day...........

This morning was crazy.......

We loaded the car until it was nearly overflowing.
We stuffed last minute things in hidey holes ( cupboards/washing machine/dryer and drawers ) and we were finally finished.
And if anything is not packed too bad !!!!
I'm very over it.......
We will be getting the cleaners in to clean as we ran out of time to not do very much.

The taxi turned up on time.
But when we got to the train station they said the train had been cancelled and we had to bus to Melbourne.
I hate going in the bus. They give me the creeps......I always think they are going to fall over every time they go around a corner.
But we did get to Melbourne in one piece.

The motel is very nice and offers a free shuttle bus to the airport in the morning.

Well we had all better get some sleep ......

No sewing today......

There will be no more egg reports as the girls now belong to our tenants.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 1 April 2013

1 More Sleep.........

I hope everyone has not been an April fool.........

It is nearly midnight and other than gathering up a couple piles of stuff to throw away and our bedding to pack away in the morning I think we are nearly done.
We don't have time to clean the house ......... so we will get in the professionals ( they were going to do the carpets anyway ) and they can clean the linoleum and walls too.

We have the back of the car to load and that is about the end of it.
I do not want to move again for a very long time...........it is a big pain.

I had to pick up Jacob from his girlfriends house tonight and then into town for tea at DH's brothers.......just take away though.
We have only bread and a little cereal left for breakfast and what is left the chickens can have.

No sewing today......lol.

The eggs weren't picked up today.

Until Next Time.

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