Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Good-bye Autumn, Welcome Winter

What a beautiful end to Autumn. The sky was blue and it was so nice in the sun after a heavy dew. I think tomorrow will be just as nice. I don't mind lovely sunny Winter days because when it is to cold I don't want to go outside. DH and I cleaned with the pressure washer out the back, under the entertainment area and the back of the house. And I got wet again! I did'nt do anything else because I got a doozy of a headache so I rested inside. We took nearly 14 year old to his music lessons ( he plays Guitar ) and on the way stopped off at the MIL to take some things back that they had stored in our shed. I did sew today while waiting for tea to cook on my Diamond Hexagons. I hope my baby boy is having a great time on camp. Until next time.

Monday, 30 May 2011

13 years ago today ! !

DH and I were married. How did we spend the day? After getting up at 5.30 to get the nearly 12 year old to the train, which DH did,  and me staying to get the nearly 14 year old ready to catch the bus, we had a very busy day. The electrician was here at 8.00 am to install our new split system air conditioner (we are so sick of getting wood ) we did'nt have power until after lunch so we pulled some weeds, dug up the patch for the potato's and chopped weeds ( which DH did ) and I raked it all up. After we had power I got out our new toy ( a pressure washer ) and cleaned Grandma's house. All the bad weather we had early in the year and the humidity has made mold on the outside. It was'nt the best weather to be working with water as it is very cold, but it was lovely in the sun. I called it a day when my shoe's were soaking. We also had a tidy up in the lounge and a bit of moving things around. And I did'nt sew one stitch. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Until next time.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


My friend Kylie and her 2 kids came for a visit today. Kylie came to see my sewing room and the kids wanted to see the chickens and collect the eggs. Well there was only 1 egg today and 2 yesterday but that is better than no eggs at all. The girls are starting to look good . My nearly 12 year old is all packed and excited about camp, they are going to have a ball. DH got home from his camping trip late this afternoon with 10 fish, we will have some for lunch tomorrow. He finally caught a fish on his fly rod,  it only took him a couple of years. Until next time.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

It Was Nice!!

I did spend quite a few hours in the sewing room today. Mum came over as well and sewed a backing together for a 1930's butterfly quilt she made with the blocks I gave her. It will go to the 4 year old that she baby-sits. I did some more tidying and trying to get things sorted out since the floor and skirting and architraves have been finished. My son loves to slide in his socks (it is floating flooring ) which he did when he came checking up on me. Well it was time to come in to start tea anyway, I made home-made sausage-rolls 52 to be exact. There are not many left with 2 growing boys and my Grandma who had some as well. Grandma lives in a granny-flat out the side of our house and has just turned 91 this month. She makes cakes and biscuits for the kids still, and does try to garden while holding on to her walker. If Im still doing that at 91 I will be very happy! Untill next time.

Friday, 27 May 2011


I have next week off and don't have to go back until the 7th of June. I have not had any time off since Christmas. We have lots to do around the house as DH is on holiday too .Like...put up laserlite on the entertaining area, try and finish glasshouse , get ground ready for planting potatoes and  maybe build a couple more vegie beds. Will have a lot of sorting and packing as my nearly 12 year old is going on his Grade 6 Camp to Melbourne early Monday morning. He has to be in Swan Hill at 6:45 to catch the train,  he has'nt been on a  V-Line train only the trains and trams in the city. He will be home late Thursday night at 10:45,  they will all be exhusted. I did sew today but only at work. Made the binding for a new quilt going to the Sydney show next month and the cushion that goes with it. I work at Miss Sampsons Drapery and will hold down the fort when Sue and Malcolm go. I finished the quilt top on Wednesday, and Sue took it home to her Quilting Farmer (Malcolm).  Hopefully I can do some sewing tomorrow. Until next time.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today's another day !

Yes just like all the others. Kids off to school, washing done, beds stripped and remade and the dishes done. I was going to sew after lunch but Mum visited with her 2 charges (2 & nearly 4) and it didn't happen. We did go out in the sewing room to drool over my new fabric Faith by collection for a cause ( fat quarters & jelly roll and Hope by the same in a jelly roll) I will be making the civil war quilt block a week quilt with it. I took some photo's of a WIP on the design wall a chook shed pattern Everyday Angels. Am making it out of flannel and quilting it as I go ( will post the photo's when I work it out). I will finish it one day! Dont they say all good things come to those that wait. Lol . I do hope I get a granddaughter one day or I will just have to have it. Also took photo's of my hexagon quilt 21 diamonds made, 16 ready to sew, 16 ready to put on papers and 4 sewn together. Will need 99 full diamonds, 12 half diamonds and 6 triangles for the sides (1 is made) and I WILL finish it one day. DH is away on a fishing trip at Mt Buffalo I bet they are all freezing their toes off, they are camping to just make matters worse it will take a week for them to thaw out. He will be home on Sunday. I hope it does'nt snow! Better put some wood on the fire and sign off, have to go to work tomorrow. Until next time.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hello bloggers!

My very first blog .Wow!  For someone who is not very technical I think I worked all this out very well .I guess if you follow all the prompts it does work .LOL .On to other things we have found 4 eggs in 2 days .Double Wow! All our chickens are starting to lay finally,I dont like buying them from the shop. I have tomorrow off work so after getting the boy's to school and the washing out the way I can go and play in my sewing room (15 minutes sewing button holes and buttons on an old wool lined coat because the zip is broken)  just is'nt sewing .If I can work out how to post photo's maybe I will post what I am creating. Until next time.
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