Friday, 31 May 2013


I've just been doing a bit of this today.........

And work again tonight. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

15 Years........

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary. 

DH booked us on a Sunset Dinner Cruise.......

One of the views.....

It was very nice and a beautiful meal too. 

Some of Darwin.......

Parliament House on the right......and did it look good on the way back in the dark. 
It was lit up like a Christmas tree. 

But it was all over by 8pm.........

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Some Stitching.......

I did some more basting today. 
I basted 24 more hexies and thought I had better stop as that made 68. 

My pile and some that have been stitched. 
Grandma's lap tray comes in handy.....

I like that we have tiles throughout the house.....but.......the fluff that gets on the floor is crazy. 
Carpet hides a multitude of stuff I have decided. 
So as I couldn't stand it anymore the floors got vacuumed again. 
And that never ending washing too got done. 

I've just got home from work and had a nice cool shower and as tea was like hours ago..... I have been naughty and opened a packet of shortbread cream biscuits. 

I'm having three of them and a glass of water and I may read a chapter of the book I'm reading. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Just A Working Day.........

I went to the local shopping mall to post off some things and while I was there I had a look around in Target too........

Then as soon as I had lunch I had to get ready

I would really like to do 
Some guy came into work with this on and I asked if I could take a photo.....he was nice enough to let me. 
It gave me a chuckle.....!

No sewing today. 

DH and grandma had tea ready for me when I got home......again. 

DH was studying so I watched an episode of 'Bones'

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Basting Day.......

I've been basting today in between housework and taking grandma to the optometrist. 

What I got done today.......
They look pretty all together. 

I also snuck in some reading.....

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grandma's Nana Nap........

This weekend mum and Kylie went for a bit of a drive to Simone's in Forbes. 
They had a stitching weekend at the quilt shop Simone goes to. 

They have been sending me pictures all weekend......its just not poor me had to work it. 

Mum completed this........another Trip Around The World quilt top......for me!!
It's beautiful and just my colours. 

They had the best time ...... who wouldn't ........ sewing and fun all weekend. 
I may just have to go next year........

This doesn't look extremely healthy but DH and I got creative and made steak sandwiches and chips for tea........looks good and it tasted fantastic. 

And this is Grandma enjoying the football.......
DH sent me the photo and it gave me a chuckle......she says that she doesn't go to sleep so DH took a photo so we had proof. 

No sewing tonight. 
We have been watching a movie.....

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

To The Mall.........

I had to go in to work early as someone was sick. 
So at least we could do something after I finished. 
We went to the big shopping mall at Casuarina. 
Grandma had a good time in her wheelchair.
I don't think she minded my pushing.....I did some sharp turns to give her a thrill. 

People in Darwin are mad !
They were trying to tell me it was cold this 10.30 am and 22 degrees is not cold. 
I did tell a few to take a teaspoon of cement and toughen up. 
I suppose if its 30 degrees all the time and then it's 22 degrees I guess they might think its cold. 
It is 19 degrees outside at the some strange weather up here at the moment. 

We had over an inch of rain the other night. Very good for the back lawn as the sprinklers aren't working out there. 

No sewing today. 
It's sitting right next to me though......
Maybe tomorrow night. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

New Project.....

Today was spent doing many loads of washing and cleaning the exciting is that !
Tonight we had visitors for tea.....
DH's dad and step mum and our step niece came over for  'mark 2'of grandmas birthday tea. 

They gave grandma a little bonsai tree. 
It is so cute....

We made a lovely roast lamb and veggies and DH made his chocolate self saucing pudding. 

I have a sneak peek for you of my new project......

These are the fabrics I'm using. 
I will keep you updated.......

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wow !!

It is the dry season here in Darwin.......

But the weather has other ideas. 
It is pouring outside and has been for quite a while. 

Looking out the front of the house. 

And to the left of the house.....
It took a while to build up but it is now raining heavily , with thunder and lightning thrown in. 
So nice......
It has been so long since we have seen rain like this. 

Today we picked up grandmas wheelchair and did some shopping....we ran out of bread......and grandma can't live without bread !
Now we can spend a day at the shopping mall and grandma won't get tired. 

My brother called in today......he finally got here without breaking down. 
We haven't seen him in weeks.....I think he would like to throw the truck away. 
I hope it gets fixed properly this time. 
No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Look........

......not me , but Australian Homespun magazine !

It's very nicely done. 
I didn't know they were changing there it took me a while to find it at the newsagent. 

I will have a proper read tomorrow. 

Just another long day at work for me....

DH and Grandma had tea ready when I got home. 

No sewing today. 

Jacob and I have watched an episode of 'Bones'. 

Until Next Time. 


Oops.....I was that buggered and not to happy with things at work that when I got home I just had a shower and went to bed. 
I've never not posted......

Yesterday was Grandmas 93rd birthday. 
She potted around and did some of her puzzles. 

These came for her......from my cousin and his wife. 
Very late too.....I was at work already. 
But they are very beautiful.......

I potted around too and put together 2 little purses. 

One side......

And the other.......

And I started cutting out squares for some hexies to make a purse handbag.

I cooked a very early tea as I had to start work at 6pm. 
The hours are not meal friendly.......!

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Just The Boring Stuff.......

I've been doing the washing again today.
All the linen stuff......

Snuck in some reading in between hanging them up. 
Did some ironing too.......I must be sick ! 

Work was boring as we only have four pumps going. 
I hate the closing shift.....

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Slowly On Sunday........

We had a sleep nice !

DH and I went down to the jetty and we went fishing this morning..........we didn't catch anything though. 
The wind caught my hat and it went flying into the river......oops. 
It was really Jacobs hat too , but there was no way we were going in after it. 

We watched Carlton win today.....yay !
Then Grandma's Crows won it was a football afternoon. 

DH and I went for a very long walk.

And tonight we watched a movie 'Prometheus' it was ok for a science fiction movie. 

And I finished my book too. 

No sewing today.

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Our plans for the BBQ had a little hiccup. 
DH's dad rang this morning to say he was sick and they wouldn't be able to make it for tea..
And he rang after I had made the cheesecake this morning......bugger , now there is more for me to eat !
We have a fridge full of salad that we will be eating for days.
We only cooked the rissoles. 
We will save the other meat for another day. 

We will reschedule for another day. 

Work was busy....even if we are down 4 pumps ( they are renovating a bit )

So instead of partying tonight we are watching the football. 

No sewing tonight. 

Until Next Time.

Friday, 17 May 2013


I'll let you know first sewing today.

Grandma and I have been making salads today and I have been cleaning the floors as I will be at work tomorrow and we are having a birthday tea for Grandma tomorrow night ( her birthday is next Tuesday )
DH's dad and stepmum are coming for tea.
We are going to have a BBQ.

DH requested pizza for tea , so we headed to Woolies when he got home  to get supplies.

I did read a little bit too........

Until Next Time.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Side Tracked...........

Well I did say I would have some photos to share but I got a little side tracked and didn't sew at all. 

We went shopping today instead. 

And I tried to finish my book.......but haven't quite got there. 

An early tea time too as I had to start work at 7pm. 
DH will start to complain that I'm not
I don't particularly like the shift.....but I can't do much about it. 

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


............sewing machine has come out of hiding and was put to work today.

Not a great lot of work but work all the same.

I have started making some purses and have 2 ready to sew together. 

Sorry no pictures.......
I may have some tomorrow.

I had work tonight and had to close up and I have the same tomorrow. 

I also did some reading too.......

Until Next Time.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Today has been another long working day......

I have been catching up on my blog reading while we watched 'The Voice'

No sewing tonight either.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Production Line.........

After a bit of a slow start to the day  (I was reading while eating my breakfast ) Grandma and I had a baking day.

A double mixture of banana that made 2 cakes.
I will share the recipe soon......
And then a plain cake mixture to make lamingtons.
A baking dish full of cake.
Then I made hedgehog.........

So there is cake in the freezer for another day.

And half the hedgehog is gone already.
At least the boys eat it........

And of course that endless chore ....... washing !

Well we should have watched  'The Voice' tonight as our Carlton didn't win.......DH is not happy. 

No sewing today ...... but I did have a browse through some quilt books.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers Day 2013.......


I will only say I'm still buggered.........and that I don't like getting up at 4am.
I was paranoid all night that I wouldn't hear the alarm and didn't sleep well and woke at 3.10am and then just lay there.......I should have just got up.

Guess what greeted me at the door of work this morning ?
Give up ?
A Cane Toad.......yuck !!
It just sat there looking at me with it's beady eyes.........
It moved when I dragged the newspaper stand outside , for which I was .....very grateful !!!!!

I was a naughty daughter and woke Mum up this morning.......I didn't think and I thought it would be 8am back home but  Mum was in South Australia at my brothers and they are on the same time zone as us.....oops ! and it was 7.30am.
Mum said that they had to get up and get ready to drive home anyway.
Mum had the added bonus of listening to the rain on the roof all night............I hope it followed them home.

I wished all my BFF's a happy Mothers Day by text and we had some interesting conversations........some involved taking a golf club to work for using on the Cane 

DH cooked a very lovely fish and chips dinner and I put together some salad.
It was very , very nice.....!!

We have been enjoying The Voice again tonight........but we will miss tomorrow night because Carlton are playing football.........just one of the few Monday night games thye have scheduled this season.

My darling Jacob gave me a foot massage.......ssssooooo nice !!!
But it wasn't long enough.

I did read some of my book today.
And it was a no sewing day.

Until Next Time.


Saturday, 11 May 2013

A No sewing Day........

I only worked today and came home buggered.........

I wasn't even going to cook and picked up take away on the way home for Jacob and me......
DH and Zachary are at the speedway.........

So no sewing today ........ I'm vegetating in front of the T.V.

And I'm off to be bed early as I have to get up at 4 am to start work.

Until Next Time.

Friday, 10 May 2013


............finished !!

I have been stitching like mad all day......

And the back.......

Now I have my very big Trip Around the World to stitch around.
But I will give my fingers a little break.

Until Next Time.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


......... about the sideways pictures !!

My computer is so slow tonight.........and my photos won't load. 
So I have the post up on the computer and in blogger on my phone and iPad. 
I've loaded the pictures onto blogger through the phone and I'm writing my post on the iPad. 
How's that for complicated. 
So that is why I have sideways photos tonight because I can't load the straightened up ones from the computer.......

 These are the patterns that came in the mail yesterday......I have been eyeing them off for a while now and thought why not !
Lovely little sewing keeps using EPP. 

And a basket template that is very small.........
I may just cut a rectangle out of all my 1800's fabrics and slowly appliqué my way through them. 

Work was very busy again........
My ankle was a bit sore from standing on it for 5 and a half hours but I can rest it tomorrow. 

Tonight we went into Darwin and had tea with DH's Dad and Stepmother. 
We went to a Noodle restaurant .......... and it was very nice. 
We all love oriental food. 

I hope my computer behaves tomorrow. 

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

At It Again.......

.......binding that is !

I've started the binding on the last quilt in the pile. 
And I have a side done already. 

The floor did get cleaned today......

I had a parcel come in the mail today and I will show pictures tomorrow. 
I got some new patterns. 

More washing today as well. 
How boring.........

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Clean Up Day.......

Today was just another cleaning day......the floors and lots of washing too.

I now have a steam mop so all the floors will be washed tomorrow.

Grandma wanted to go to the supermarket for a few things so I took her.

DH fired up the BBQ tonight and we had meatballs.

We are still watching 'The Voice'

No sewing today.

Until Next Time.

Monday, 6 May 2013


This morning DH and I went fishing.
Just 5 minutes down the road is the Elizabeth River and boy is it wide.........
We fished off the jetty.
We lost bait and didn't catch anything.
It is really nicely set up down there with the boat ramps and lights on the jetty for night fishing too.
The train line is on the bridge and the train went passed while we were there......but it wasn't the was just freight.
It was nice to do some fishing but I would like a chair to sit on next time.........

The veiw from where we were standing with the bridge in the background.

And the view from behind us........Darwin is in that direction.

Zachary and DH went back down there to try their luck before tea..........but , no luck.

We have been saving for a BBQ and today we went to Bunnings and bought one.
I got a little sunburnt while helping DH put it together.....just on my would think I would have learnt by now !
We will try it out tomorrow night.......

No sewing today.........and no reading either.

Until Next Time.

Sunday, 5 May 2013


I don't like waiting at the hospital but it wasn't as long as it could have been.
My ankle is just sprained - thank god !

I rested all afternoon with my foot up and basted more hexagons while we watched Carlton win another game of football.

My hexie box is overflowing.......

Until Next Time.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


..........had a little mishap.
I'm tough-ing it out tonight and if my ankle isn't any better in the morning I will go to the hospital for X-rays.
I haven't had a sprained ankle like this before.
I did it at work on some uneven concrete while checking the temperatures of all the cold stores.
It hurts like hell....!!

I have DH waiting on me and I feel bad.
And I'm not looking forward to going to bed.

DH got me my hexie stuff and I've basted another batch of hexie 's while we have been watching the football.

The photo is of my hexie pile and my foot in the background.......

Until Next Time.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Show And Tell..........

What a day.......!!

I'm absolutely stuffed.

Work is a mad , crazy place.........
And I think it is going to do my head in.

But enough about my woes........

As I have been at work ALL day , I haven't sewn today.
So I thought I would show you what else came the other day......

These beautiful blacks and greys........

And some red and rusty ones too........

And 'Strawberries , Blueberries and Chocolate' fat Quarters.........
I see new hexagon diamonds being made from these.

Until Next Time.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Day Off........

After Grandma and I got ourselves ready I took her to a shop that sells mobility equipment.
We have picked out and ordered a wheelchair and it should be here next week.
Now we can spend a few hours looking through the big shopping centre and Grandma won't be exhausted.

And a little trip to the supermarket on the way back.

And I had to line up at the post office ( the line was out the door ) and only 2 people working..........Australia Post is the same everywhere.

I got the washing done , dried and put away too.

No sewing today.
I was reading for a little instead.

Until Next Time.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


......of hexies , not food.

My container is just about full of hexie's.....I may need to get a bigger one.

Tonight I have been busy basting those bits I cut out yesterday.
While I was watching 'Bones'......I haven't watched it for weeks , so while DH was studying I was multi tasking.

I worked today.........

And no actual sewing was done.
But I did read a chapter of my book while eating breakfast.......I multi task all the

Until Next Time.

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