Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Last Day Of Spring......

It was sleep in Saturday was nice too !!

I did cut out some fabric for a few things I need to make and glued a few hexies tonight when I got home from work......

I'm using an old Robyn Pandolph range. 
They might end up a purse.....

That about sums up my day.......

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 29 November 2013


We had a bit if a lazy morning......

Then DH and I had jobs to do at the shops and we also had a trip to the dump to get rid of all the paper. 

And the rest if the day I've been at work. 
It's getting easier. 

I've promised someone a photo of our loaded trolleys.....

I'm going to try and do domething sewing related in the morning before work. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 28 November 2013


DH and I had our ' Walk ' and delivered the newspapers this morning. 

Then a couple hours rest and then we both went to work. 
I started at 2 pm and it was busy and I've started to get the hang of it all. 
And DH started at 3 pm. 
But he has a 10 hour shift.  

The boys went out to the school end of year concert.......and got home just before I did.

I appliquéd the second clamshell to the sewing roll. 
And I started a book between jobs today. 

Well it's late do I'm off to bed........

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

No. 66........

My brother visited today. 
Which was nice because we haven't seen him for a while. 

We also had a little power disturbance. 
At least a breeze was blowing......

I worked a little on the clamshell sewing roll......

These are the ends......
I'm appliqué ing a clamshell over each end on the inside to cover the stitching of attaching the buttons. 
So I've nearly finished. 

And I finished off no. 66.....,

Only 33 to go...... I'm not counting. 

Until Next Time.  

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

This And That........

It was chiropractor day today.......

Then to the supermarket for milk again......
And to buy a new trolley.....

At 6.55am this morning a crash woke me and DH's fully loaded trolley snapped on a join and fell into mine and they were both on the floor. 
Catalogues did escape ......I did say bad words .......but went straight back to bed. 
For 5 minutes. 

And then I finished off the catalogues when I got home. 

I did work a little on the clamshells. 
And I did read a little too. 

And when DH got home from work we went for our catalogue 'walk'
I have a half hour 'walk' in the morning to finish off. 

And tonight I've worked on adding hexies   to this...... 66. 

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Baking.....Catalogues........And No Cyclone....

First up our cyclone was a fizza......
It didn't reach us at all......
But I'm not complaining. 

I've been mixing and cooking biscuits and folding catalogues in between.....

Here is granny squeezing out the biscuits. 
She was worn out after ......
I lost count of how many trays too....

But as you can see we have a lot of biscuits. 

I've washed all the new clothes and granny's new sheets the washer and dryer have been busy too. 

We did get rain and some very impressive lightning and thunder this afternoon. 
It was great. 
Granny didn't think so.....

No sewing today.......
To busy.....!!

We also had a roast turkey hindquarter for tea......
So a very full day......

We just finished watching 'Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets'......
It's been awhile since we watched them. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Shopping..... the rain...!!!!
We were going to go to Casuarina early but the boys wouldn't get out of bed. 
So DH and I went to the supermarket to get a few things and when we got back Jacob had surfaced and wanted to go. 
So off we went....
We were lucky as the rain happened while we were shopping. 
Jacob got some much needed clothes and I measured Zachary's waist and got him some skinny leg jeans. 
He has just overtaken Jacob in height. 

The cyclone will be with us early in the's raining off and on at the moment and the wind hasn't got here yet. 
So tomorrow will be an indoor day. 
I have all the catalogues to do anyway. 

We put away all the garden stuff incase it blows away.......

I have cut the lining for the sewing roll and appliquéd a clamshell onto it. 
But other than that I haven't sewn. 

We have watched the cricket......Australia has won the first test......!!

And tonight we watched 'Ghost Busters'

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wild Weather.......!

This morning I took Zachary to get his hair cut. 
We can see his eyes now......!

We got a little wet getting back to the car as it was pouring......but as a little cyclone is headed our way....we had better get used to it. 

I start my job on Thursday and I'm doing the 2 pm to 9 pm shift. 

DH and I were watching the cricket and I've done some washing so there are clothes everywhere. 

We picked up the catalogues when we picked up our and chips !!

No sewing today......

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ta Da.......!!

The clamshells are finished......

Now I just have to finish it. 

All the papers were delivered......and we didn't get wet either. 

It did rain today.......
But only a heavy shower. 

It was the T.V for me tonight.....while I finished the stitching. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rain , Rain Stayed Away.........

I've been doing washing today......and it went through the dryer though as I was not hanging it out as the rain was out there but didn't actually rain on us. 
So we have had a dry day so far. 

I've been clamshell stitching a bit ..... I'm still not finished. 

I've been to the supermarket too. 

I've also been playing around with EPP shapes working out something I'm going to make. 
I've ordered some more shapes that I need too. 
I've also wasted time on the computer.......

DH surfaced for a couple hours just after lunch and then had another sleep before tea. 

We've been watching the idiot box tonight. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Quiet Rainy Day.......

We got the catalogues out before the rain came. 
And boy did it come down......

I took this photo on our "walk" this morning......

A Beautiful Frangaphani .......
And it smelt beautiful too. 

I've been designing it was me , my design book and a pencil. 
I haven't sewn today.....I'm giving my fingers a rest. 

DH was he only surfaced just before tea. 
I made sausage rolls. 
The boys were sure happy about that. 

So it's been a quiet day here. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It has been raining softly on and off all day......

I've been stitching away......

Nine rows on. 

Row ten glued.......
And four to go. 
If I'm lucky I might get them sewn tomorrow.
 I would like to make this in squares as a quicker project too. 

I've news...!
I have a job starting as of next week. 
Just in a convenience store/take away a suburb away. 
I had a little run through today and I think I can handle it.....

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 18 November 2013


DH and I did some food shopping this morning....... 
No milk again...!!!!

After DH went to work I worked on the clamshells. 

So I have seven rows sewn. 

And the next four picked out. 

I also read a short story. 
Not to short .......
I get quite a few free books through iBooks. 
They throw in the good ones to get one hooked so you buy the others. 
Very sneaky..!!

I've been hanging out with the boys tonight......
Watching T.V and talking. 
They don't do it often enough though. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Bit Of This And That.......

Jacob slept through the night......

But Jacob and I waited at the doctors for 2 hours this morning , he is fine but I wanted him checked out as he had a vomit session when he got up. 
Finally a doctor gave him some migraine let's hope they work. 
He is right as rain now. 

This afternoon I got stuck into assembling the catalogues.....and they are all ready to go. 

I put a few stitches in my clamshells....
And while waiting I stitched these.....

It will be no.66. 

Tonight after tea we watched episode 3 & 4 of 'Game of Thrones'
I do hope some if them come to grizzly deaths......!

Another storm is brewing......looks like rain overnight. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Slow Day........

Today we slept in as we didn't go to bed until after 1am this morning. 

So today has been not a productive day as we are all tired. 

DH got out the jigsaw.......
I sewed.........

3 rows down....not sure how many to go. 

I have the 4th row glued on ready to sew and the next 3 "kissed" together and waiting. 

Here is a photo of the back. 

This is what I'm making .......

Zachary was taken to the skate park with friends until the heavens opened up and we had to pick him up. 

The we sat and watched out the front of another storm rolling in. 
Then down came the rain......

It was a little wet. 

Great if we were ducks. 
But , oh so nice !!

We then had the ambulance out to check Jacob out as he was in so much pain with a migraine. 
All his obs were fine so they were happy to leave him here. 
I think all the pills I gave him must of started to kick in......he is sound asleep now. 
The best thing for him. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 15 November 2013


Well the heavens didn't open up this morning , but it was a little drizzly. 
But it didn't last long.....

All the leftover papers and catalogues were dropped at the recycling centre. 

I've started stitching.....

A close up......

And the next 2 rows to be added.....

If anyone wants to watch the tutorial go to YouTube and search Sue Daley for her method of sewing clamshells. 

One of DH's friends from his squad from Victoria is up here visiting his son and has come for tea and a few drinks. 
DH hasn't seen him for quite a while and has had a great night.......catching up and talking shop. 

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


With this weeks newspapers we got junk mail to put out too......
That just makes it awkward. 
But we will persevere. 
I've put one inside the other so that's done......just to deliver in the morning....and I hope the heavens don't open up then.....we are supposed to get rain overnight. 

We took Jacob to the Uni to see about TAFE lots of info and numbers to that's something else for tomorrow. 

We went into Darwin as Jacob wanted to go somewhere. 

Then to find a new trolley ( as DH killed the other one  ) this one is pretty and has spots. 
I think I had better pull this one along. 

Then to the shop to buy more milk.......I still need that cow !!!!

No sewing today. 
I've yet to start the clamshell stitching. 
Maybe tomorrow afternoon. 

My next doodle.......

A little different than the last one.
I'm trying out some of the different patterns......I may try a sampler next. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

I've been busy.......

.......cutting these out and gluing !!

A close up. 
All those beautiful blue and brown repro's. 

My pile of clam shells. 
Now the stitching begins.  

I can't believe I got them all done. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Playing With Fabric......

This morning was my chiropractor visit and on the way home  I quickly went to the supermarket for some milk. 

The teachers were striking today so Zachary was home , which sort of made it feel like a weekend. One of Zachary's friends stayed for most of the day so they went riding and for a walk to the corner shops for a frozen drink. 

DH and I took Jacob for a hair cut.....
I wish Zachary would want a hair cut. 
I'm going to have to drag him there soon. 

DH is on night shift tonight and tomorrow so he had a nice sleep today and I started cutting up my fabrics. 

They soon looked like this......
The little squares are for 2 different projects......a quilt and a project basket. 

The big squares are for 2 projects too. 

An EPP one ....for one day. 

And these basket blocks too....for one day. 
So they are happily packed away for a rainy day. 

It did more of this today too.....

The boys were sitting out there at the table and boy did they move quick.....the wind changed and by the time Zachary got to the door his chair was soaking wet. 

No sewing today.......or reading either !!

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 11 November 2013


This morning I finished bundling up the catalogues and had just finished when DH got back home from bring called into court.
Then DH and I delivered all bar 11 bundles (that's how many we were short) those can wait until tomorrow because I think I would have fallen down if I went back out. 
DH's trolley lost  a wheel and then fell apart.
So then we had to transfer them over to mine so his was easier to carry. 
We both lost quite a bit of fluid.....!!
Just a tad hot today. 

DH had a late two trips to Darwin today. 

The rain tumbled down at 3pm and lasted a good hour and a half. 
Some nice thunder too. 
Zachary just made it home from school....

I've read a couple chapters today.....

I'm over halfway.......

I've also ironed some fat quarters ..... I'm going to do some cutting tomorrow. 
All those blues and brown reproductions. 

The boys , granny and I have had a couple games of Bullshit and Sevens tonight , though granny couldn't quite understand how to play Bullshit. 
I don't think she believed she could cheat. 

I've doodled some too....still not finished. 

Until Next Time. 

Oops Again....!!!!!

And I can't blame staying up late and reading this time. 
I was in a granny. 
But as she would say.."I'm only trying to help Michelle"

My table looks like this and ........

........The bench looks like this. 
So I have 15 catalogues and 2 inserts this week. 
I went to do my exercises at 8.30pm and I come back out and she has tried to bundle up catalogues , some she missed and 2 of some were in there ..... I was not impressed and she had no idea I was mad. 
In certain things I'm a little OCD.....and I can't help that. 
Sorry for ranting.......I think I'm soon for the loony bin as granny is driving me insane. 

Yesterday I brought inside 300+ of all said catalogues. 
My darling offspring refused to help...!!!!!

Then I started bundling.........

DH packed them into our trolleys when he got home from work. 
And the table is full again. 
I've only 80 left to do this morning. 

We watched the final of AGT and who I wanted to win...won !! So that made me happy. 
I didn't read any if my book......!
And I only doodled to calm down after granny made me mad. 
And then it was off to bed. 

So a busy but otherwise boring day. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Friday 8th November.......

I don't know what happened last night but I forgot to post. 

Granny and I went to spotlight and I got a few !

The 2 bottom pieces are fat quarters the other is yardage to go with the others I got a couple weeks ago. 
I haven't a plan yet but one is forming. 

I also got some jazzy rulers for my doodling. 
My doodle is coming along ......

DH arrived home much earlier than we thought so that was good. 

We watched episode 2 of 'Game of Thrones'
I did lots if washing.....yuk !!
I hate housework.....just so you all know. 

And DH cooked rissoles on the BBQ , they taste better on the barby. 

And I read a couple chapters if  'Dark Witch ' and got a little distracted......I'm bad......and that's why I forgot to post. 
I haven't read a book before bed for a long time. 
I knew it was sleep-in day so I stayed up late. 

Now for what happened today........

A nice Saturday morning with the paper. 
A couple cups if tea.....and my usual tomato on toast. 

I vacuumed the house....from one end to the other. 

Granny started this...... I had to finish. 

Cupcakes everywhere. 

Then she made a chocolate we have cupcakes coming out our ears. 
The freezer is loaded down with cake. 

My car is full of catalogues.......
I will get them out in the morning and start bundling them up for Monday. 

And I've been reading some too......

DH has had a trip to Nhulunbuy today and is back safe and now doing a double shift. 

I might just read a couple more chapters....

No sewing today.....

Until Next Time. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

An Allsorts Day.......

After Zachary left for school DH and I left for a long 90% humidity and delivered all the papers. 
I'm glad he was home because it would have taken me forever. 
I'm going to have to do it in halves next week and take 2 days ..... or do the morning and the the evening.....I will see. 
You should have seen us when we got home our faces were black from the ink off the newspapers......maybe we need a small towel to wipe the sweat.....!

DH and I did a run to the tip to get rid of excess papers and catalogues....we also had some boxes that needed to go. 

We had a trip to the mall and I got Nora Roberts new book. 
I have started it.......
I can't bring myself to get her books through iBooks I need to have the proper old fashioned variety. 

I started a new doodle after we recovered from our exercise this morning.......

Then I cut DH's hair. 

I bought a new magazine again today.....I'm bad.....but I liked the quilt on the cover....and it's definitely one I would like to make. 
One day........

No sewing today. 

We have started watching 'Game Of Thrones '......I know we are behind the times but we can never seam to remember when things are on so we have bought the first season so we can watch it whenever. 

Until Next Time. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shopping Day.......

DH and I went to pick up the local free paper that we have to deliver. 
That will be tomorrow mornings work. 

We also did jobs and food shopping on the way back. 

DH did more jigsaw and I found a few pieces.....

I also finished this...... doodle...!!!
I really enjoyed drawing it's very relaxing to do. 

'The Mummy 2' was watched tonight.....we watched the first one last night. 

No sewing today......but I did sewing reading.....

With the new AP&Q magazine. 

Until Next Time. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cup Day.........

This morning DH helped me finish putting all the catalogues together. 
Then this afternoon we went for a big walk.......
We had to keep coming home to refill the trolley but we got them done. 

When DH got home last night......around midnight......we had a sound and light show and did it rain...!!!!
Darwin itself got over 4" overnight. 
When it comes down , it comes down..!

We saw these frogs this morning out by the front door.......

I hope they are just having a piggy back ride.........

No sewing busy. 

But we did stop and watch the race that stops the nation........The Melbourne Cup.....the horse granny picked won. 

Tonight while t.v watching I was doing some........

.........doodling !
It's not finished but I will get back to it sometime. 
That's the good thing about it. 

Until Next Time. 

Monday, 4 November 2013


Today was the day that DH had to go back to work. 
He was getting very bored having all that time off. 
But he is all fixed now so that's good. 
His food still does get stuck sometimes but that's to be excepted. 
It should get better with time. 

I've started a catalogue delivery run......I'm very crazy..!!
370 houses......I picked them up at 4 pm and I've bundled up 150 already....lots to go. 

I'm going to be busy tomorrow......
At least I don't have to go very's just around the corner. 

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Stuff......

We had a little sleep-in after our late night out. 

We packed up Zachary's trampoline after the wind knocking it down on Friday. 
We got it packed up just in time before it rained again. 

DH and I did some shopping.....
I did more washing.......

And we watched a movie.......

I also basted more of these.....

I have to cut more squares of background as I've run out. 

That about sums up our Sunday. 

Until Next Time. 

Saturday, 2 November 2013


I'm just going to sneak this post in for today too.....,
DH and I have just gotten home from going to see 'Tommy Emmanuel'
OMG.... I could have listened to him all night. 
I know it was just him on stage but it sounded like he had a band with him.....
The guitar is definitely a part of him.......

Today I did stitch......

Only basting backgrounds ..... but they are needed. 
I might do more tomorrow. 
I was multi tasking while basting. 
I finished the last 3 chapters of the novella I was reading. 

Well this little black duck is tired and going to bed. 

Until Next Time. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy Birthday........

Today is my Mum's Birthday.......
I rang her to tell her Happy Birthday and that I love her. 
Her present is with my sister in- law so she just has to pick it up. 
Mum was cooking biscuits and cake when I rang her. 
Bruce was taking her out for at least she didn't have to cook tea. 
I will post photos of her present when she has got it. 

We have been pottering around today......had a couple trips to the shops too. 

We had a big storm this afternoon ...... very windy as well. 
We were on the way home from picking up Jacob and down came the rain. 
Trees and branches were all over the roads too. 

We got just a little bit wet getting inside from the car.......

The wind blew all bar 2 legs off Zachary's trampoline. 
It's time to pack it up and put in the shed until the dry season next year. 

No sewing today......,
I've been catching up on blogs and surfing the web and YouTube-ing...!!!

More lovely fish for tea tonight. 

Until Next Time. 

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