Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Busy Morning......

Yesterday was spent doing chores around the house ........ and then it was off to work. 
So yesterday was a boring day. 
I did ride 12kms though and I did it in good time. 

This morning was an early one for us all. 
Jacob had an appointment at 9am half an hour away so it was a rushed morning. 
Then we dropped off DH's swag to his sister so our niece could borrow it for school camp. 
Then off to my chiropractor appointment. 
Then to the supermarket for a few things. 

As DH has a bad cold and feels like crap we crashed on the lounge and watched the first 4 episodes of season 4 of Game Of Thrones. 
As I've not read the books , I was so glad someone met with a grizzly death. 
Aren't I a bloodthirsty thing ?
But it was so good !!!!!!!

No sewing today.....but I did cut the few pieces I ironed the other day. 
I've still lots to iron. 

I didn't get in my ride today........

Until Next Time. 

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