Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting There Slowly........

I finished another 5 blocks today.

So thats 12 down and 24 to go......
Not that I'm counting.
Let's hope another 5 get done tomorrow.

Block 25
 Mum finished another pineapple block and cut , joined and pressed the binding for my nephews quilts.
I will bind them tomorrow.

I trimmed 12 of mum's pineapple blocks and put them back on the design wall.
They nearly look like they are already sewn together.

It has been a beautiful summer day.......
A ' just right ' day ..... if you know what I mean.

4 loads of washing I managed to squeeze in too.

Zachary has gone to the speedway tonight with his uncle and he will be home very late.

Jacob looks like a lobster ........he has turned red !
He was wearing thongs too.....his poor feet.

The girls laid 5 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

1 comment:

Simone Harding said...

You are certainly moving for along.
Loving the pineapple blocks.

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