Thursday, 6 December 2012

Work Again......

Just another working day for me.....
No sewing either.

Mum and Grandma came home today.
They had a great time away.
Grandma spent a couple days with dad.
 And mum went to see her sister.

Tomorrow DH and I are going to Melbourne for the night and stopping at Bendigo on the way to pick up some christmas presents.
We are having a night away by ourselves......can't remember when we did that before.
I will take some stitching with me as well.....might get some done.

The girls laid 5 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Simone Harding said...

Hope you can enjoy the night away.
Happy shopping and hopefully stitching.

Sarah said...

I hope you enjoy your trip as well - quick trips are great for the sole!

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