Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Playing With Fabric......

This morning was my chiropractor visit and on the way home  I quickly went to the supermarket for some milk. 

The teachers were striking today so Zachary was home , which sort of made it feel like a weekend. One of Zachary's friends stayed for most of the day so they went riding and for a walk to the corner shops for a frozen drink. 

DH and I took Jacob for a hair cut.....
I wish Zachary would want a hair cut. 
I'm going to have to drag him there soon. 

DH is on night shift tonight and tomorrow so he had a nice sleep today and I started cutting up my fabrics. 

They soon looked like this......
The little squares are for 2 different projects......a quilt and a project basket. 

The big squares are for 2 projects too. 

An EPP one ....for one day. 

And these basket blocks too....for one day. 
So they are happily packed away for a rainy day. 

It did more of this today too.....

The boys were sitting out there at the table and boy did they move quick.....the wind changed and by the time Zachary got to the door his chair was soaking wet. 

No sewing today.......or reading either !!

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Mmmmm....mmmmm...love those fabrics!

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