Monday, 11 November 2013


This morning I finished bundling up the catalogues and had just finished when DH got back home from bring called into court.
Then DH and I delivered all bar 11 bundles (that's how many we were short) those can wait until tomorrow because I think I would have fallen down if I went back out. 
DH's trolley lost  a wheel and then fell apart.
So then we had to transfer them over to mine so his was easier to carry. 
We both lost quite a bit of fluid.....!!
Just a tad hot today. 

DH had a late two trips to Darwin today. 

The rain tumbled down at 3pm and lasted a good hour and a half. 
Some nice thunder too. 
Zachary just made it home from school....

I've read a couple chapters today.....

I'm over halfway.......

I've also ironed some fat quarters ..... I'm going to do some cutting tomorrow. 
All those blues and brown reproductions. 

The boys , granny and I have had a couple games of Bullshit and Sevens tonight , though granny couldn't quite understand how to play Bullshit. 
I don't think she believed she could cheat. 

I've doodled some too....still not finished. 

Until Next Time. 

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