Monday, 11 November 2013

Oops Again....!!!!!

And I can't blame staying up late and reading this time. 
I was in a granny. 
But as she would say.."I'm only trying to help Michelle"

My table looks like this and ........

........The bench looks like this. 
So I have 15 catalogues and 2 inserts this week. 
I went to do my exercises at 8.30pm and I come back out and she has tried to bundle up catalogues , some she missed and 2 of some were in there ..... I was not impressed and she had no idea I was mad. 
In certain things I'm a little OCD.....and I can't help that. 
Sorry for ranting.......I think I'm soon for the loony bin as granny is driving me insane. 

Yesterday I brought inside 300+ of all said catalogues. 
My darling offspring refused to help...!!!!!

Then I started bundling.........

DH packed them into our trolleys when he got home from work. 
And the table is full again. 
I've only 80 left to do this morning. 

We watched the final of AGT and who I wanted to win...won !! So that made me happy. 
I didn't read any if my book......!
And I only doodled to calm down after granny made me mad. 
And then it was off to bed. 

So a busy but otherwise boring day. 

Until Next Time. 


Freda Fields Alley said...


Sarah said...

yikes - looks like your catalogues are much more intricate than anything we get on this side of the pond. Looks like lots of work. I hope you enjoy it other than the few "mistakes"

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