Friday, 24 January 2014


First off the bat this morning we dropped off DH's ute to get the A/C fixed......
Holy Moley.....!!! Do they know how to charge....we nearly fell over. 

Then home to clean up a bit as we had DH's dad and stepmum and his sister and family over for tea. 
DH cooked lamb on the spit. 
And I roasted the veggies inside. 

We moved around some furniture too.....I think it looks good. 

We did some shopping too.....

It has rained most of the day as well , quite heavily too. 

I had time to finish my mug rug......:

I quilted the top and batting and then baged out the top/batting and backing. 
Turned it right sides out and gave it a good press. 
And then sewed closed the opening and top stitched around the edges. 
And I have my first mug rug.......

Tea was good......and we all had a good time. 
And now I have my nieces to teach sewing too. 

Well I had better turn in as I have to get up at 6am and go to work. 
I hope it's my one and only morning shift. 

Until Next Time. 

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