Friday, 17 January 2014

Sewing Related.......

After breakfast and the morning housework ......dishes and some washing I started pressing my strip sets that I had already sewn down south. 
I thought I would start hacking away at my scrappy trip blocks. 
The pink one. 
I will have photos tomorrow. 
They are ironed and one set is cut. 

I took DH is lunch ( as he was at the academy today ) on the way home I did some shopping ( food ) and went to the two cheap shops and bought Zachary a desk and myself three pink shelves also.....

........this pretty pink power cord. 

On a horrible brothers house is under threat from bushfires. 
He's stuck in the middle of Australia due to the truck breaking down and I can only imagine what he's going through. 
Mum couldn't contact his fiancé ...... so we hope she is somewhere safe. 
My dad doesn't live very far from him and granny rings me and says we have to leave and hangs up on me. 
WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! ??
So then I can't contact them for hours and I don't know where they are. 
...........finally granny rings and says they are at dads and they will be contacted if they need to vacate. 
There are fires everywhere.......
40 degree + temps in South Australia and Victoria for days on end I hope the change comes soon. 

So today has been interesting. 

I made the boys request for tea......lasagne. 
It's not the quickest thing to make is it ?

And DH and I have watched the Aussies win against England in a thriller. 
They chased down 301 runs to win. 
It was fantastic. 

I hope I have good news to report tomorrow. 

Maybe we can send our rain down's still raining outside now. 

Until Next Time. 


Ellen said...

Oh my goodness! I hope they get the fires under control and that your family and their property is safe and sound.

I do like that pink power cord!

Impera Magna said...

How frightening...

...and I want a pink power cord now!

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