Saturday, 5 January 2013

It Used To Be .......

.......easy !!!

What a bloody palaver.

What is blogger thinking.........?

Loading photo's was a very simple thing to do.
I suppose I will get used to it.

Work was fairly busy......the heat didn't stop people being out and about.

When I got home I finished the 2 blocks that needed appliqueing and sewed the 6 blocks together.

So 2/3 of the quilt top is done.
I have 12 blocks left to go.

Mum's pink , brown and cream logcabin was the quilt to get bound today.

Only my huge trip around the world quilt left to bind.

A top of 44 degrees today.......
It was 62 degrees in the glasshouse ( we have nothing growing in there )

The girls are feeling the heat.....
The laid 6 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Simone said...

Wow that is hot.
Hope it cools off soon

Impera_Magna said...

I'll trade you a little of my chilly temps for a bit of your high temps... *hopeful look*

Good time of year to stay inside and sew, yes?

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