Monday, 28 January 2013

Wash Day........And Stuff

I thought I would show some quilty love today , as I haven't posted anything quilt related for a while.

It was wash time for this quilt as the boys had been using it.
I made it a very long time ago......
There was a 'picture only' of it in a 'Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts' magazine and I really liked it so I drafted it up.
Mum made one with a black floral print , pink and cream and it is stunning.
I also washed DH's little trip around the world.

DH and I have had a really busy day......
DH finished shoveling the sand into the hollow of the pizza oven / bbq.
Then we put in the cementing it's ready to go.
We set up the frame and mesh for the next slab of concrete that is going down next to the other.

I forgot to take a photo of it with the mesh.

We have finally filled the skip bin.......
We sure shifted some stuff today.

We took a trailer load of garden rubbish out to DH's old workplace to put in their burning pit and brought home a load of horse manure for the garden.

After we washed of the layer of dust ( we did earn our showers ) we drove to town to get tea.

Belladonna Lily

This is all that is flowering in the garden..........

No sewing today.

The girls laid 6 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


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