Sunday, 13 January 2013

No. 62

It has been a while , but another Diamond Hexagon is finished.

No. 62

Just 37 to go.............

Today was our Sunday sewing day.
We always have a great day.

And it has ( rained ) well drizzled most of the day......
But it has washed the dust off everything and freshened up the garden.

I finished sewing the raggy quilt together too......
Now I just have to do the clipping.

Block 33

Block 34

Block 35

Block 36

And Mum's completed blocks.......
She has 24 sewn together in 2 groups of 12.......hopefully on Tuesday it will be a top !!
Then there will be lots of paper ripping out.

A little while ago I put together 2 kits for a BOM.
Angela has powered through hers and today brought it for show and tell.

I put them together using frabrics from 'Bonnie and Camille' .
Mostly 'Vintage Modern' and 'Marmalade' ranges.
It is just beautiful......
Well done Ange !!!

The eggs weren't picked up tonight.

Until Next Time.


Simone said...

Omg Ange's quilt is gorgeous. Such a powerhouse she is.

Can't believe nearly a top for the pineapple quilt I love it.

Great day had by all, do miss these days.

Jackie said...

The applique quilt is beyond cute!

Impera_Magna said...

I'm glad you counted your hexie diamonds... and #62 is lovely!

Your mom's pineapple is both gorgeous and inspiring... another project on my "must make someday" list!

Angela's quilt is beautiful... she did a great job!!!

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