Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers Day 2013.......


I will only say I'm still buggered.........and that I don't like getting up at 4am.
I was paranoid all night that I wouldn't hear the alarm and didn't sleep well and woke at 3.10am and then just lay there.......I should have just got up.

Guess what greeted me at the door of work this morning ?
Give up ?
A Cane Toad.......yuck !!
It just sat there looking at me with it's beady eyes.........
It moved when I dragged the newspaper stand outside , for which I was .....very grateful !!!!!

I was a naughty daughter and woke Mum up this morning.......I didn't think and I thought it would be 8am back home but  Mum was in South Australia at my brothers and they are on the same time zone as us.....oops ! and it was 7.30am.
Mum said that they had to get up and get ready to drive home anyway.
Mum had the added bonus of listening to the rain on the roof all night............I hope it followed them home.

I wished all my BFF's a happy Mothers Day by text and we had some interesting conversations........some involved taking a golf club to work for using on the Cane 

DH cooked a very lovely fish and chips dinner and I put together some salad.
It was very , very nice.....!!

We have been enjoying The Voice again tonight........but we will miss tomorrow night because Carlton are playing football.........just one of the few Monday night games thye have scheduled this season.

My darling Jacob gave me a foot massage.......ssssooooo nice !!!
But it wasn't long enough.

I did read some of my book today.
And it was a no sewing day.

Until Next Time.



sunny said...

I've never heard of a cane toad, so I just did some quick research. Ugh. I wouldn't want to wake up to one (or more) of those ugly creatures. Glad to hear you had a mostly good day!

Simone Harding said...

Yuk. Not good.
Now you have to watch the Voice. Celia is back in to sing tonight. If you can't watch I will give you the number to vote for her lol
Have a great day , poor Mum being woken up early.

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