Monday, 30 September 2013


Most if today was spent at the doctors waiting. 
And then in with the doctor. 
Granny and Jacob both had appointments and Zachary had blood tests. 
They are for research purposes to go with the brain tissue they still have.....we are more than willing to let them use it. 
Anything to help with epilepsy research. 

This afternoon we went into Darwin and went to the fish market and to the bank for Jacob. 
The bike shop was closed Mondays so we will have to take Zachary tomorrow.  

Tonight I have been adding cream hexies and have started to add a diamond to my top. 
I have another ready to add too with all the cream around it. 

DH and I have watched some movies in between today's activities too. 

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Vickie said...

Reads like you have been busy plus...and what a stinker hot day today was,cheers Vickie

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