Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Night Hexie Stitching.......

I did wake up before I had to let DH in (he forgot the front door key) so I told him to text when he got home. 
He went to sleep and so did I..........and I couldn't believe what time I woke up !!
It was 9.40......oops. 
I guess I needed the sleep. 

I got the handbag to this stage.....

The strap is made and I only have to top stitch and attach the frame. 


I was waiting on the I finished this one today and I have been thinking that more hardware (studs ) might be better than stitching them. 
What do you think ?

Saturday nights now are set aside for Kylie and Simone and I stitch and text and send photos to each other. 
It's a wonder any stitching gets done.....
Tonight I only basted.....but it's still stitching. 

I got a side block and .......

........a middle for another diamond block. 
I will have to count my blocks and see what number I'm up to.......I haven't made one for so long. 

I also stitched up a skirt for was one she had already cut out. 

We also went down to Zachary's school and voted. 
Not sure who won.....but I guess I will find out tomorrow. 

Until Next Time. 

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Doniene said...

Catching up on blogs (again - sigh) I love all your little handbags!!! So cute!


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