Friday, 14 March 2014

A Day Off.......

After I got myself organized this morning I went to the supermarket to get some food so the boys wouldn't say there wasn't any food in the cupboard. 

I had a little drama after I had opened the garage door......because the power went off again and I couldn't and didn't know how to close it with no power. 
The power came back on after 20 I didn't have to guard the stuff in the garage very long. 

I have been on the phone a few times today too. 
Granny rang. 
And I rang mum. 
And I rang DH twice. 
Can't wait for him too come home. 
I just hope the cyclone and tropical low they hope it turns into has gone by Tuesday. 

Tonight after tea I have been face timing with Kylie. 

I've been stitching........

Three more scrappy trips.......

And 4 nine patches. 

And 2 more........

If I keep face timing with Kylie I might get some quilts ! !

Until Next a Time. 

1 comment:

Simone Harding said...

Yes I would have to agree with you. Obviously face timing and sewing go together.
How cut are your nine patches. I love your range of pink fabrics.

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