Thursday, 29 November 2012


I will only say once that it was VERY HOT today.......
It hovered between 44 and 45 degrees Celsius.
The change is coming through at the moment and with it is a lovely dust storm......I can smell the rain , but it isn't raining yet.
Things have crashed and blown over outside.....

DH played golf this morning with a few stupid people.
His hands were that sweaty his clubs kept slipping around in his hands when he was some shots went askew........he will need to get a glove.

Mum came over for a bit and we bound a quilt for her to take away next week when she visits my brother.
It was the pink and yellow one ( for Grandma )

Tonight we have watched the animated movie Brave.
LOL funny in spots and worth watching.
And I watched 2 episodes of Bones.......not much else to do when it's HOT !
I also did some Internet surfing too.

The girls laid 6 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I LOVE Bones. I've been watching them on DVD and now need to wait for this season to be out on DVD next summer. Have you read the books that are related? Excellent!

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