Monday, 19 November 2012

Nearly done !

I went into town this morning to do a few errands , and try to find the things at the supermarket that we couldn't find last Friday.
It's still pretty bad on the supermarket front.

After lunch Mum came over and we sewed again.

A close up of my Ohio Star quilt.

I have only the top row of stars to add....and then the outer border.

Mum finished pineapple block 16 today and started another.

Block 15

Block 16

And them on the design wall.

Our red flowering cactus that flowered a couple weeks ago has bloomed again.
I wish my photo did it justice.
It is absolutely stunning in real life.

The girls laid 8 eggs today.

From Mum's garden
Until Next time.


Simone Harding said...

Both quilts are Fabulous. Well done girls. Love them.

Sarah said...

I love your sashing for the ohio stars...will your border be similar? Gorgeous Glads! mine were planted late this year due to the weather and I didn't get many blossoms.

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