Thursday, 27 June 2013

Playing And Purchasing.........

First up I will say Grandma is feeling much better. 

I played around with my purses this morning and then after lunch we went to Harvey Norman to take advantage of the end of financial year sales to get the boys a new computer each. 
Their old laptops were only rented and the plan is finished and they have to be sent back. 
And it's their birthday next month so they have early birthday presents. 
They chose desktop ones this time........

And after we got home I played with fabric some more. 
I've cut out 2 purse handbags.......and I've been searching in the garage through my boxes of fabric for certain bits for linings for the's a bit hard as I don't want to take it all out and not be able to get it back in. 
I will get DH to bring some inside and I will sort some out and put in our WIR along the top shelf. 
Then I might know where some of it 

Tomorrow I have to pack Jacobs bag for his trip back to Swan Hill. 
He is staying with his girlfriend for the Victorian school holidays. 
We will have to get up bright and early so he can catch his plane Saturday morning. 

Until Next Time. 

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Sarah said...

I've had a laptop at home for more than a dozen years. Given the choice at work I also picked at laptop. Not sure that I'll go back to a desktop anytime soon but I know there are lots of people who swear by them. I just like to be able to take it with me. Good luck on the fabric hunting!

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