Friday, 28 June 2013

Packing ........

This morning I spent washing toile sure Jacob had enough clothes to take with him. 

Then an 8 hour shift........that finished at 7.30pm. 
DH cooked tea again......he's a good boy. 

Then I rang mum for a chat and catch up.  
Mum is very well and stitching things for a trading table for the local quilt groups biannual quilt exhibition. 

And I think I have all Jacob needs packed in his suitcase. 
His uncle will meet him in Melbourne and take him to Swan Hill. 

Zachary is coming for a ride to the airport in the morning so I hope we don't miss the's going to be an interesting morning. 
So I had better get some sleep..... 

No sewing today. 

Until Next Time. 


Shirley said...

Your young chap is brave flying off on his own. You will need some hexagons to keep you soothed whilst he is gone.

Sarah said...

I hope the trip to the airport goes smoothly, as does the rest of his trip. Luckily his uncle can cart him part way!

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