Wednesday, 26 June 2013

We Went Fishing.......

This morning DH and I went down to the jetty to try our luck at catching a fish. 
We caught 3 fish......!!!
We were very lucky today. 

They are not big fish but we were happy to catch something. 

The Ghan went by while we were fishing. 

Grandma hasn't been feeling the best and has had a funny head and felt dizzy so she had another trip to the hospital. 
All they could find after blood tests and a cat scan was that she should probably drink more fluids. 
She is home and tucked up in her bed. 

Zachary has a friend over and we dropped them at the movies to see World War Z......

My brother called around today for a quick visit as the ambulance was here seeing to it was a hello and goodbye from Greg. 
Hopefully next week will be better. 

I've done some pattern drafting for some purses today in between all the running around and waiting at the hospital. 

Tomorrow may be a better day. 

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Busy Busy Busy - I hope the fish were big enough to eat. I've been eating lots of tilapia lately. Frozen isn't anywhere near as good as fresh caught tho...

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