Thursday, 6 June 2013


It was just a little painful having my back and neck adjusted. 
But as I could turn my head with only a little pain afterwards it was worth it. 
My neck is not curved but nearly straight......not good !
The lower vertebrae in my neck have thinning of the discs and spurs starting to form and I have pinched nerves wonder I couldn't move very well. 
I had to have a nanny nap this afternoon as I couldn't sit any which way without my back hurting and by then my head was pounding......which the chiropractor said would probably happen. 

Before my nap I took Grandma to get her new glasses. 
And as we were at the shops we got some groceries. 
It is Grandmas favourite thing to shopping. 

While watching Master Chef tonight I sorted out and stitched more hexies. 

I now have the piece big enough for the bag I'm making. 
Now to just join the bits together. 

Maybe tomorrow night watching the football.......

Until Next Time. 

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