Friday, 4 October 2013

Bits And Pieces........

Jacob was called into work today so that was the first job of the day. 

Then some housework and cleaning Jacobs room. 
Zachary's may get done tomorrow. 

Today I cut up a 'Moda' precut turnover. 

It started like this.....
And ended up like this. 

First I cut a 2 1/2" strip....
The large triangles are put aside for now. 
Then I cut 2 1/2" squares. 
They are for another hexie handbag. 
The strange shape bit was then cut like this......

Those are 1" x 2 1/2" strips to go with the squares. 
And more triangles for a purse......
Not bad what can be made out of 40 x 6" squares. 

This afternoon I have been on Etsy loading on my handbags. 
Some purses will go on tomorrow. 
It is a bit time consuming loading things on...... But I hope worth it. 

I haven't hexie sewed today but this is what I'm up to.....

The red one up the top has a half side bit clipped on ready to sew. 
The blue one down the bottom has the cream attached and the black and pink one has the creams clipped to it ready to sew as well. 
I use little alligator clips so I know what needs stitching next. 
I will need to make another bottom half diamond to go under the blue......I will have to dig out my reproductions and cut out a few sets. 
I'm starting to enjoy the joining these together. 
It may get finished yet .....!!!!!!

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Simone Harding said...

You are such a clever lady. Will drop by your etsy shop this weekend.

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