Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Still Quilting.......

But I've finished....!!!!

The second side all done....just to sew up and frame now. 
I hope I get it done tomorrow. 

There is a wonderful light show out in the east just now. 
Thunder storms are supposed to come during the night.....

Zachary and I were just out the front watching the lightning and to the north of the storm a green light came up quite a bit into the sky and then went down out of view again then it came back up , then up more then went red and turned around and went sideways and back down out of sight again. 
Zachary said that's some freaky shit and wanted to keep watching but the bugs were biting. 
I wonder if E.T was visiting...........

Jacob had a busy day at work and goes back for the weekend. 
Very busy weekend for , face painting and sausage sizzle too. 
He will be buggered come Sunday. 

Until Next Time. 

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