Thursday, 3 October 2013


DH had his check up with the specialist this morning. 
DH has to have another 2 weeks off and that will lead into his holidays so he should be quite well enough to go back to work early November. 

We called in to see DH's dad's manager on our way into Darwin to drop off DH's doctors certificate at work. 
It was nice to see her as we haven't caught up for months. 

I have been hexie stitching today and tonight.....I will take photos tomorrow to show how far I've got. 

And finally after looking like it could rain all day...... It finally came down. 

Just before dark......
Jacob shouted everyone tea (noodle box) yum...!! and this is what we drove in. 
Granny was having fits while we were gone...Zachary was home with her. 
She doesn't like thunder and lightening. 

Until Next Time. 

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Anonymous said...

glad you got your rain Michelle,i have come over from Simone's blog.xx

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