Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Day Off.......

Well I sort of had the day off......
We were a bit slow getting going again , but it is Sunday. 

We picked up the catalogues for the last time. 
This is the last week we will be doing it. 
It's just too much with me working now and the odd hours DH works. 

Then we went to the supermarket.....will we ever learn...!!!!
Don't go shopping on a Sunday....!!!!!

DH had to start work at 3pm so by the time we got home and all the catalogues inside and a late lunch made it was time for DH to go to work. 

After tea I sorted and started bundling up the catalogues. 
There are 17 ( not 18 Kylie ) different ones this week and it makes it hard to bundle as they are very thick. 
So we will be heading home a lot to refill the trolleys. 

It's late again.......!
I must try and post earlier. 

Until Next Time. 

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