Monday, 16 December 2013


......arrived safe and sound. 
So he's had an interesting day......first a plane to Melbourne , then train to Bendigo and bus to Swan Hill. 
DH's mum met Jacob at the worked out well as she was down there visiting DH's sister. 
Then to mums. 

I've had a busy day too. 
First off granny had X-ray's and a ultra sound on her shoulder. 
She has bone on bone so they wouldn't give her a needle for the pain.....she has arthritis in it bad. 
Looks like she will have to put up with it. 
She will see what pain killers the doctor will give her. 

Then home for lunch......

Then to the bank for granny to do all her business.....

Then to brave the supermarket. 
We thought we were going to get wet but it sort of went around us. 
But it sure was loud.......

No sewing today.....
Been reading again. 

Until Next Time. 

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