Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Slow Saturday.......

As its the weekend I only sewed something for grandma today. 
Grandmas best friend in Adelaide.......her granddaughter had a baby so grandma asked me to make her a bunny rug. 

Here I am top stitching it closed. 
Then I stitched a quarter inch in from the first stitching. 
It's 39" square. 
It's flannel and has pretty blue and green owls on one side and white bunny's on a green background on the other. 

After DH's very short sleep ....... Jacob wanted to go get a game from target for his PS3 so he can play online with his girlfriend. 
He still has birthday money. 
Zachary hasn't spent any of his. 

Then we just hung out at home and watched the footy. 

Carlton lost again...........

DH cooked a leg of lamb in the BBQ on the spit and it was so , so melt in your mouth yummy.....!

We are going bowling tomorrow. 

Until Next Time. 

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