Thursday, 8 August 2013


......been another slow day........

I fiddled around with some sewing this morning and after lunch DH had an appointment with the specialist for his stomach. 
He had to cancel his operation in Melbourne because of our move. 
He has a date for his operation now ..... September 18. 

DH is also doing a 3 week stint over on Bathurst island. 
He will be relieving someone who is having holidays. 
He goes over on Tuesday. 

After his appointment we went into Darwin for a look around and DH got some fishing stuff to take with him. 

While DH was having a sleep before work I finished what I've been working on........

I'm still experimenting with them and this is mark 2. 
I used the leathery fabric for this one. 

It's old fashioned......

.......but I think they are groovy. 

The actual bag doesn't take long to make , but the attaching them to the frame does.

What do you all think ?
Do you like ?

Until Next Time. 

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