Thursday, 22 August 2013

Something Different.......

I've only done a little bit of sewing today. 
I found a charm pack that I've had forever and it's also my favourite colour.........
So I cut them all in half and have sorted them out and started to make more lanyards. 

I've also been ironing interfacing......and cutting and pinning.....!

The purses pinned and awaiting their turn  to be finished. 
And the lanyards too. 

I haven't done much else of anything because of my neck.......and a headache that required a second dose of's gone now. 

I got the 2 loads of towels dry with the sky looking like rain and then just after dark we had some rain........!!
It might even rain tomorrow. 

Granny and I didn't get around to making the biscuits she wanted to......maybe tomorrow as well......

The birthday purse arrived safely today and was much appreciated. 

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

boy sure looks like you did alot today and no way my washing will dry today ,been raining most of the day Michelle,hope you get your bikkies made tomorrow.xx

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