Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wild Life........

Another early start to the day.......

I had to take DH to work as we had only one car.
Then I waited for Grandpa'a managers to pick me up and drop me at the depot that had DH's ute.
They contacted him yesterday to say his ute had arrived and it needed to be picked up between the hours of 8am and 4pm.
The same hours he works...........
Not very convenient either....... but it all worked out.

My brother called in today as he got into Darwin this morning.
He spent a few hours with us......
He drove around in the prime mover.....brought back memories of when dad would bring the truck home some nights.
We should see him every Wednesday .........all going well.

Happy 12th Birthday to my Nephew is always a week to the day after mine

We are very slowly organising everything.
It is going to take a while though.
We may have to donate stuff to goodwill.
I'm sure we have over 30 mugs and that goes for glasses too.
I'm not kidding !!!

The tree frog made its second appearance tonight....this time out under the entertaining area.
Maybe it's a pet ?
Or our house is its home.........
I like frogs.
We have lizards running around the back yard ( but I can't get close enough to take a photo ) and they run up the fences.
I'm not sure what they are.......

No sewing today.......

Until Next Time.

1 comment:

Impera_Magna said...

What a handsome frog! Great color too!

Take your time with the unpacking and sorting... now you're in the house, it's a good time to go thru everything and lighten the load!

Happy New Home to you all!

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