Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Slow Sunday.......

Today was a true Sunday .......
We got a few things done.
DH studied this morning as the boys slept in.
I had a leisurely breakfast whilst reading the newest Stephanie Laurens book.

DH and I cleaned up outside and took all the packing boxes to the recycling depot.
Then we went to Bunnings..... my goodness what a place !
The car park was nearly full......we found what we were after and then off to target to find Zachary some shorts.
Didn't find any there.....
But the sports store had some that he wanted , which was lucky.
Then to the dreaded supermarket.....I'm not going there on a Sunday ever again.
Every man and his dog was there.....I have made a mental note to myself to not go there on Sundays.

We watched some football this afternoon and we watched Madagascar 3 tonight.

Tomorrow is Zachary's first day of school here.....I hope he likes it.
They start a whole hour earlier up here than back home.
The hours are 8am to 2.30pm.

I sewed one hexagon onto my diamond I cannot say I didn't sew today.

Until Next Time.

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