Friday, 19 April 2013

A Good Day.......

Grandma came for a ride into Darwin with me to drop off some paperwork.
So she saw a bit of the 2 main streets of the city.
I called into Maccas for 2 soft serves on our way home.......(a little treat for Granny) oh , and one for me.

I'm still washing every day......
I'm still catching up with all the linen we used to pack things with.
I know it's not dirty , but........

DH had a field trip today.
He saw the sights of law and order in Darwin and surrounds.

Zachary actually walked to school today and was up , showered and dressed before I got up.
Wonders will never cease.

I got the next quilt clipped and I have started sewing the binding down.
I have another waiting in line......
Then it's quilting time again with some tops in the waiting line too.

Tonight we went to have tea with DH's dad.
A very beautiful meal.......and I'm still so full now !
I know I shouldn't eat much.......

DH and I plan to get back into our walking routine.
So we start in the morning......fingers crossed !

Until Next Time.


Impera_Magna said...

I'm totally with you on the washing of the packing linens... no way they'd get put away before they took a trip thru the washer and dryer!

Glad to hear things are settling down... and that you're back to sewing! Life is good!

Sarah said...

Do you have a dedicated quilt studio at the new house? I hope so!

Simone said...

Excellent. Get all the sewing you can in before you start work on Monday.

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