Sunday, 16 February 2014


Yesterday in our newspaper there was a small story about a visiting Warship from America. 
It said that it was open to the public for tours. 
So Zachary and I head in to Darwin to wait in the very long line........but before we even got to the line a security guard person said not very nicely that I was unable to go see the ship as I wasn't wearing enclosed shoes.......
Zachary said it didn't matter but it did !!!!

I did tell the guard that there wasn't anything in the paper about shoes. 

So we headed back home.......
I was not a happy chappy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And by the other people walking back to their cars........there were more unhappy people than just me. 

I have never in my life written to a newspaper but today I did. 
I very nicely voiced my disappointment..................

This evening I have been working out my backing for the zigzag top. 
I've got the sections worked out so it's just a matter of sewing them up. 
But that might be in the morning before work. 

Granny is much better and enjoying being at my brothers.......
It didn't work out at my dads. 
Long story........
And one I'm not happy about.....families can be big pains in the ass. 

It has rained some today. 

Until Next Time. 


Simone Harding said...

That would have been extremely disappointing for you. If that was the case they should have included it in the paper.

Sad to hear granny has moved again. Hope it works out this time.

Happy sewing x

Impera Magna said...

Don't blame you about being ticked to be turned away from the ship for not wearing the "right" type of shoes. Shame on the newspaper (or whoever was responsible) for the missing and IMPORTANT information! *boo hiss*

Hope things work out for your grandmother... (((Michelle)))

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