Tuesday, 4 February 2014


After the mornings chores I cleared out another 2 plastic bins of fabric and sorted them out and they are now living in the cupboard. 
I found a kit I had put together for a bag.....I must make it as my hexie bag has nearly been used to bits. 
It's quite fun finding fabric and wondering what the hell I bought it for. 
Some have bits if paper with a rough outline of what I was thinking and others have nothing. 
I'm slowly getting things organised. 

I talked to granny and mum as well this morning........

Then off to work I went. 

No sewing today. 

Oh , and it's been pouring today. 
Poor Zachary got caught halfway home from school........and said he looked like he had just got out the bath with his clothes on. 
Poor darling. 
I have offered to buy them umbrellas......but they are boys........I guess they think it's not cool. 

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Will the boys wear slickers? I guess that wouldn't be cool either.

I also look at my fabric and wonder why I bought some of it but none of mine has little drawings - at least you had a purpose in mind...

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