Friday, 25 November 2011

End Of Year Concert

My baby boy waiting for his turn to perform.
Can you see the sky behind him ?
Well it got darker and darker.
Then the lightning and thunder started.
Then it rained.
And rained.
It wasn't a passing shower either.
The concert had only been going for an hour and Zac and the others in the band he was in were on stage performing when the rain came down.

Here they are.
You can just see him behind the drums.
They performed two AC/DC songs.
They all played well.
Under cover where it was dry. lol.
While we were under umbrella's with water running down our backs.
The water even got in my shoes !
We stayed and listened to a few more acts before we had had enough and went home.

It is still raining now.
And storming.

No sewing today.

The girls layed 16 eggs today.

Until Next Time.

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