Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nearly Finished

 Mum has been busy the last few days.
Her 4 blocks are together and all she has to do now is sew the little 1" squares around the outside.

This little pile of leftovers are from cutting the apple cores.
So I paired them up and sewed them together.
Then pressed the seams open and cut 2" half square triangles out of them.

 So I will end up with 42 when I am done.

I have traced, cut, glued and sewed more " apples " today.

 Mum has finished sewing the Jelly Roll Quilt and silly me forgot to take a picture.
When Mum presses it I will take a picture.
It's very bright, great for a baby boy.

And talking of babies.
Here are our newest ones.
They sure have grown.

The girls layed 17 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... you and your mother are going to town with the sewing! Love that you turned apple core scraps into HST... and those are some lovely fabrics, too!

Your baby chicks are growing fast... seems like just yesterday they were brand new!

Ellen said...

I really like the 4 block quilt top that your Mom made and I love that you used the leftovers from the apple cores - they look great. Your little chicks look so sweet.

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