Friday, 18 November 2011

Summer Is On It's Way

This is what Mum is making at the moment.

Her little mess.

These charm packs are quite a few years old.

 We thought this pattern would be a good way of using up the charm packs.
And I had a yard of the homespun that doesn't look to bad with them.
It will end up 72" square.
A great bed topper or for the back of the couch.

 I haven't done a great deal today.
Only these few hexies.

Up bright and early, got the boys ready for school then I got ready to take Grandma shopping.
It was not the best day to go as it was HOT.
35 degrees.
I shouldn't really take a 91 year old out in the heat.
When we got home and unpacked I sat in my chair and watched a movie that I had taped.
In the quiet.
And I heard all the words.

That is Fat Cat behind the roses.

The girls layed 12 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Impera_Magna said...

It's gray and overcast here, chilly too... love your photos of summer where you are! Beautiful roses...

sandra said...

Oh, Michelle, I just LOVE in the quiet and hearing all the words.

Ellen said...

It's funny how things change. I love it when my eldest son comes home and makes all kinds of noise playing the piano and singing away!

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