Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Something New

As I haven't done any sewing of my own today, I thought I would show what I made at work.
The Mariner's Compass is all folded with no set in seams.
This is the 32 point one and the other has only 16 points.
It was quite interesting to make.
It will be getting a border. ( Jinny Beyer ) These are her new fabrics that are due out next year. The boss has been given some to make some samples for the suppliers of Jinny's fabrics in Australia.

The wind his starting to blow a bit and it's trying to rain.
I hope the wind doesn't get to wild.

The girls layed 18 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Ellen said...

Lovely piece! How great is that to work at what you love!!

Sarah said...

Yes, Lucky you that you get to sew at work!!

Mary said...

Beautiful work on that sample piece.

Simone said...

I lovce the colours in the design. I am thinking I might have to attempt something like this once

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