Thursday, 10 November 2011

Out To Lunch

 I did a little bit more on the  "apples" this afternoon.
A bit more gluing and sewing.

 These 16 are all together.

 I finally took a photo of Mum's Jelly Roll Quilt.
It's very bright and happy.

DH and I spent the morning in town as he had an appointment.
Then he took me out  to lunch.
It is something that doesn't happen very often.
So it was REALLY nice.

When we got home DH packed up all the camping gear and boat.
One of his squad mates is coming up to spend a few days on the river with him.
I will take the boys out after school tomorrow.
DH is going to make a roast in the camp oven. Yum.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.
Zac and his friend Shane, are the school captains of their school , and are going to Swan Hill for the ceremony.

 More roses.

This tree is only 3 years old.
Look at the shade already.
It will be so nice to sit under in the summer.
The weather was so nice today, the sun was warm but the breeze was cool , a perfect spring day.

The girls layed 13 eggs today.

Until Next Time.


Mary said...

Your apple core quilt is really pretty, and I love your roses.

Sarah said...

Your apple core quilt looks great. How difficult are the curves to hand (?) stitch?

Impera_Magna said...

I wish I could grow roses like yours! So lovely...

Your apple core top is coming along and your mother's jelly roll quilt is very cheerful... love it!

Hard to believe that tree is only three yrs old... it must be very happy where it is growing!

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