Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Delay.........

My baby boys plane has been delayed........
So now I wait for the call to say he's on the plane......and then I work out when I pick him up. 
I will go have a sleep. 
Just had word the plane has taken off and should land at 2.30am , I had better go to bed. 

One purse made today.......I had a fiddle to see if something would when it's done. 
More traced and cut out too. 

Zachary is so looking forward to Jacob coming home. 
As are's been very quiet.....!!
It's DH's last night shift tonight. 
He is very tired after 2 double shifts amongst his 6 days on. 

Until Next Time. 

1 comment:

sunny said...

It's been hours since you wrote this, so I hope he's home safely by now! Enjoy.

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